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Better habits



Two-thirds into the CtGF challenge I am starting to reflect on my progress and how I am feeling.  I seem to be doing a class pretty much every weekday (even though its not my challenge this year) at the moment and cycling in some form most days. For me I have got to the point where fitting exercise into my daily routine is easier and I am not searching for excuses not to do any infact I am enjoying it alot more. If anything I need to watch I’m not doing too much.

Last week I was booked onto 7 classes in 5 days but had to drop a class and forego cycling in one day as my body was too tired and strained from the accelerated activity, so I needed to allow it to rest and recover for a day. A habit I can get into with the gym is going to loads of classes for a sustained period then dropping everything for a few weeks then taking on classes again. So for me my aim for when the challenge is over is to sustain a resonable level of activity and maintain regular class attendance with no long absenses.

What has been interesting in the past few weeks is how I have incorporated fitness into my social life; going on long walks with friends, organizing group bike rides and having swim and sauna sessions have all been great for the mind and body, but also have been really social occasions too.

Something I have noticed in the past few weeks is a change in my eating habits. Now I am not one of these people who can give something up for a whole month. I would rather do extra exercise to allow myself a treat or try and incorporate a healthier schedule into my life. Recently I have been having more apples, reaching for them before I go to the vending machine for a chocolate fix.  Additionally I have had a few salads this week and have enjoyed them. These may seem like small changes, but you have to start somewhere and I’m hoping I can stick to all of these changes and continue with the momentum that CtGF has started.

Team Student Life Centre - Week 2



Team SLC has had a difficult week on our Commit to Get Fit Challenge - a number of unexpected obstacles have been thrown into our path and made keeping to the commitments we made last week pretty difficult. To scratch the surface of our troubles:

- Team Leader and Motivational Guru Aoife Mcdonald was struck down ill and was off work from Tuesday afternoon to Friday. Reportedly, having a vomiting bug does leave you with a nice flat stomach but we feel this may be cheating.

- TWO bags of doughnuts, and two tins of shortbread appeared in the office - it seems the healthy eating memo didn't reach everyone (though we can't blame Jon as he was on holiday when we committed).

- A training session the office attended on Wednesday over-ran significantly, meaning several staff members couldn't attend the lunchtime Zumba class when they'd intended to.

Coupled with the hideous weather that's made venturing outdoors for any reason pretty unnappealing, it's been a tough week. However, we've managed the following:

Danny - On Saturday I went with my partner and a friend to a 'Healthy Walk' at Chelwood Gate. The walk began and finished at the National Cat Centre, and I'd be lying if I said that visiting all the cats wasn't a big part of why we went on the walk. It was really enjoyable and took a route we wouldn't have found on our own, through heathland and past a lake where we saw a beautiful gosling. I would have liked the walk to be longer (it was only an hour) and a bit more taxing, but it had to suit a range of ages and abilities in the group and did this well. More info here: I've also been to the gym on Sunday and last night and am making an effort to use the resistance machines I find harder/don't enjoy as much. If I only do what I find easy I reckon I won't see as much change.

Tabitha - attended circuit training and Zumba.

Aoife, Isabela and Amelia - did a self-guided boundary walk on Tuesday and enjoyed it so much they plan to do it every week, weather permitting.

Rachel - This week I have cycled in every day (and managed to cycle the long route in to work once and home twice). I have also extended my morning yoga practice introducing several new poses to my daily routine. I have also not bought crisps from the vending machine!

Katy and Isabela - have cut out chocolate and sweets and are being more mindful of their diets generally.

Katy -  I have keptright on track this week, sweeteners have replaced sugar.  This has extended to my daughter who drinks masses of sweetened tea which we have both swapped for decaf or herbal.  Went swimming for the first time in ages and did 30 lengths.  Walked from Lewes to Glynde and back, and Ferring to Worthing and back.

Marie -

  1. Monday – played pitch and putt. Score worse than last time but only ended up in sand bunker twice and didn’t end up in any bushes or trees
  2. Went to Zumba on Wednesday
  3. Booked pilates course for summer term (13th May to 10th June)
  4. Also – probably doesn’t count – but raised my heart rate through adrenalin/fear doing Argo Cat driving (6 wheel amphibious all terrain vehicle)

Amy - Well I finally unwrapped my postnatal exercise DVD, only 13 months after my little boy was born! I've also done lots of walking and outdoor playing every day and we signed up for swimming lessons starting next week!

Jolyon - Dinghy sailing at the weekend. 4 days mountain biking to and from work. 1/3 mile swim every day in the mornings before work. On Wednesday a bike ride from Stanmer Woods to Ditchling Beacon, along the South Downs way to Lewes, back through campus to Stanmer.

(Jolyon clearly needs to up his game and is trailing behind the rest of us. Keep up Jols).

Signing off for now,

Team SLC