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My final days in the Web team @ Sussex



Hi all,

Well, this is it, I officially finish at the Web Team this Thursday and what a ride it has been! I have been working primarily on the SPLASH project since last September and I have learnt a great deal about the interaction between students/staff and e-learning. Some things I thought I know and some areas I was totally taken aback about.

Being here at the University of Sussex has given me a great sense of belonging and the sense of being "part of a team", and it definately made me feel like a student again - how I miss those days ;-)

It was my first real job in Higher Education, although I had worked on some small freelance projects in various places. I have to say, once you get a job at a place like this, it is highly addictive and it makes you want to do everything in your power to stay here for the long-term - such a nice change from working in the private sector, where within a design agency I would be pushed so hard, working until 9 or 10pm at night was a norm.

I'm going to miss working with the Web Team: Dominic: (Mr X as I like to call him)/Jack/Andy/Penny and Tony - all lovely people, who get stuck into work, without a single hesitance or moan! Well, actually, we all moaned most of the time! ;-) 

So, what happens after Thursday? Well, I am fortunate enough to be going over to InQbate, The Centre of Excellent in Teaching and Learning in Creativity. Some of you may know it, others may not - so go on over and take a peek. It's all about collaboration, self-direction and experiential learning within a technology rich environment. Wow, a lot to take on board.

I will be around there doing numerous things with web, video and technology support - and anything else I need to get my hands stuck into! So, if your around, come on over and say hello from Friday.

I will probably end up blogging on SPLASH more, now that I am leaving the Web Team, although I should probably do more on my own blog - plenty to talk about.

So, you can find me on Twitter // FaceBook // Dopplr// mysite

OR, just keep on using my university email address OR checking my SPLASH profile! I love this site, then again, I am biased I guess ;-)

Thursday 30th April at 1pm - lunch and drinks at East Slope - obviously for the people I know - not some random geezer! ahahaha

All that remains for me to say is bye bye Sussex House, bye bye office space by the grass and I am going to miss those interesting things I always end up hearing coming from over by the Press Team! ;-) xx

Keep smiley faced and remember: Always remain positive, no matter the issue ;-)