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" Democrarcy used to be a bad word.Everybody who was anybody knew that democracy,in its original sense of

rule by the people or government in accordance with the will of the bulk of the people,would be a bad thing-fatal

to individual freedom and to all the graces of civilized living.That was the position taken by pretty nearly all men of

intelligence  from the earliest historical times down to about a hundred years ago.Then,within fifty years,democracy became a

 good thing."-by democracy

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' According to a reporter,the private police detectives systems are a waste of public and private money.The critics have argued for example one of princess who is touring the world on a much criticised party central gap year with two police body gards to add hundreds of thousands of pounds to the taxpayers bill,she already receives police protection of a cost of 250 000 pounds a year to taxpayers .the year repeatedly adds a further 100 000 ppounds a four year course would add considerably more to taxpayers costs if british dectectives had to stay with her.'This is story of 250 000 tax return a year income put the end of dectective fraud I hope as I am just came out of them between a royal family and a detective game'