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It's past my bed time, but I'm still up.



Today the first invasion of Homesickness struck. And it got me a bit down, as it would. And, I suppose, this is as good a place as any to unwind as I think this is a sign that Fresher's is ending and I have actually left my old home and started to, finally, grow up.

The reasons for my homesickness is easily explained. Monday is my Birthday (Remember, Remember the Fifth of October...) and today I got my first card. It was home made by my girlfriend of 2 and a half years and it was absolutly, gut wrenchingly amazing. It was worth staring at for a good long time, just to let the emotions slowly edge forward out of my eyes.

That's good enough to spark a small amount of homesickness, as I'm sure lots of you are aware if you've started putting up photos of your pre-sussex life, but this card was hand delivered.

I had a brilliant day with my girlfriend (how can you not in brighton?) and I'm really glad she came down to see me. But why, oh why, did she have to leave?

That's rhetorical, I know why.

That's why I got homesick. The though of not being able to see her, or my parents, or my old friends, or even my brother every day is one that makes me want to lock my door and talk to noone.

But if you've read my other blogs, you'll know my housemates wouldn't allow that. They sat in the hall outside my room and they invited me out. And we laughed, and talked and conversed and you know what? The homesickness began to evaporate and do you know why? I began to realise (for the second time) that Park Village is my home for the next year and all my wonderful housemates are my new family.

Yeah, I'll miss all those back home alot but I know that in this house I'll always be welcome.

I can even remember their names.