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These blog things are getting more rare.



And that would be because I spend more time away from my computer.


Almost finished Freshers week now and I feel like I've been in this flat for months. I feel like i'm at home and i'll be more than happy to spend a year here, especially with the people who are in the flat with me. I reckon I'll be able to remember their names by the end of October.

It's because of these people I'm not doing daily blogs (which was my plan, but my plan included alot more hiding and fear...) as they ask me out and I have a good time.

An odd idea that, having a good time with people. An odd idea that isn't actually a bad one.

My door is still held open but the awkward waves have evolved into open conversations, and the 4 seperate rooms have turned into a gathering place, not just for the 12 lovely souls in our house, but for anyone else who happens to want to pop by.

The idea of which would usually scare me enough to make me hide in my cupboard for a hour or two, but after this week, I'm happy to introduce myself to a complete stranger. Or start a conversation with that person I met 4 days ago whose name is just on the tip of my tounge, but not in my brain anywhere. I still can't remember it.

If this is the sort of change that Sussex's Week 0 has caused in me, I'm worried about what i'll be like by christmas.

Scrap that, actually. I'm not worried at all. If I follow the trend I'll be a better person. If that's possible.


Rereading this, I've just noticed 'having a good time with people' is kinda... Well, you can make you own euphemisms, as if you didn't already.