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The Hall-less Fresher- Saturday



Hello anyone reading this, first of all may I thank you for giving this your time and I hope you enjoy reading this, or at least don't get too bored.

So today on my way from Falmer train station I saw hundreds of parents hauling what seemed like a lifetime's worth of possessions from the backs of cars and vans. For this brief moment I could say I was glad not to be doing this. I was walking with James, who I have know for about 5 years, both having worked in the same place, gone to college together, and now by missing him and I missing 6 and 2 marks on our exam papers respectively, end up going to the same university doing exactly the same course.

Being my insurance choice and less than 17 miles between my house and the campus, I was fated not to been in halls. I am 122nd on the waiting list. At least I am not James, who is 189th. They say that 10% of people drop out in the first year. Fingers crossed.

We decided that we would see the progress that Rosie, another friend (there really are a lot of us from the same college) was making in her moving in. She's in Stanmer Court, well, now I know what I'm missing out on.

This morning was not the warmest so we decided to grab some lunch in the Arts Cafe. They had goat's cheese and sun dried tomato sandwiches so I was pretty happy. I became addicted to goat's cheese about 2 months since I had in a bagel a few months ago, it's just a shame it's so expensive. Having warmed sufficiently and wanting to continue exploring the campus, I decided that I would finish my sandwich as I walked around. Walking round, I made what will be for many one that is only made once: having food out in the open by Bramber House. Ask any second or third year and they will know exactly what you are talking about, THE Seagull. A sudden thump to the head and sharp bite on my hand told me I was it's next victim, with my remains sandwich quickly disappearing, I decided to cut my losses and head down to the East Slope Bar.

By this point, I had eaten the apple I had in my bag, the only food I could grab at home without the need to actually spend the time preparing anything, and now with no sandwich to finish was feeling pretty hungry. This will be the point I will remember as truly becoming a student, whether to buy alcohol or food with the remained of the money I had after spending £46 on a week's worth of train fare. I decided to compromise, sitting down with a bottle of Bulmer's and 2 packets of crisps, and with the sun coming out, things were looking up.

I'm not a particularly organised person with the fact that I was staying at home gave me an excuse, beyond buying a kitchen starter pack from IKEA (ironic, I know), not to do much in the way of buying or preparing for this year. Only when the Endleigh people approached me, did I realise how far this unpreparedness went. I have no room to insure, no laptop, no computer, no stationary or anything remotely useful when it comes to actually studying. I believe some shopping is in order, as there is only so far a garlic crusher (yes that did come with the kit...) can help you towards your masters degree.

Skipping forward a few hours and a few more miles of traipsing we decided to be social and see what was going on with other people. This is where we somewhat became unstuck. With Rosie at a flat party, James and I quickly discovered that people on the first night do not talk to anyone but their flatmates. Everyone claims territory among the tables in their groups of 6,8 or 10 and stays that way. Feeling quite dispirited by this early attempt, we decided to regroup and try again tomorrow. We left Falmer at 6:50, feeling the most antisocial people possible. 

Traveling home was not the most enjoyable experience. A group of middle age, and somewhat middle class, drunks proceeded to wreck any chance of having a nap on the train, and when one decided to pour a bloody mary down the back of another about 10 minutes of incessant screaming ensued. Still, ever the optimist, I am looking forward to dodgeball and the space party tomorrow. :)

Hope to write some more on tomorrows developments, hopefully not as much as this, I must apologies for my utter ramblings. Hopefully you'll be reading the next exciting installment then(!)