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Team HR Week 1 Commit to Get Fit



It isn't easy motivating a team in this year's Commit to Get Fit as pretty much everyone who participated from HR last year signed up for Gold membership and has been using it all year round.  So even though everyone was eager to participate, we are finding it difficult to think of ways to improve.  Graham is a professional Morris dancer and cycles into work and home everyday as does Helen.  Dan walks faster than the speed of light and regularly plays badminton, as do others in the team.  He is also walking a lot more to the kettle and back as he consumes more coffee, what with getting a lot less sleep than he used to.   

Sally & Simone are regulars at circuits and we are constantly amazed how Sally keeps her fringe so straight after such a strenuous workout.  She has been hard at it as she recently moved house and has been scrubbing her new abode.  Simone is a professional Netball player and appears to have a match every night. 

Lois has been looking at 'running prams' so I guess she will be keeping fit in a few months.  She has continued to do yoga throughout her pregnancy.  Wonderwoman.

I spotted Nadia looking at some sort of harness, so I think she is going rock climbing in the near future. 

Rachael is looking forward to getting fit again after last year's CTGF.  She went to Zumba today and said she wasn't as unfit as she thought she would be.  Leila is a professional Zumba dancer and I have spotted her hovering over the link to Power Hoop ready to book all the classes when she can. 

Martin spends every night sprinting to catch his connecting train.  I believe he has got it down to less than 50 seconds now.

We think Emma may be trying to sabotage the team as she baked a huge coffee cake which I understand tastes delicious.  I have cut out sugar from my diet and have spent the last year doing yoga and am now a lot more flexible but no less stressed.  Today I have a massage at lunchtime and it was wonderful.  Just a shame I had to go back to work in the afternoon.  While I was there I saw Cheryl waiting to do some sort of activity.  She is ALWAYS at the gym.  She is the champion of everything. 

See you next week.

Team HR Week 3 Commit to Get Fit



As I mentionned in our first blog for CTGF 2013, most of our team are already gold members of Sussexsport and do a variety of activities outside of campus.  So this year's challenge is of most benefit to our newer staff members. Emma is new to Sussexport so her goal is to go to a class every week and try some new sports. She has tried Zumba this week and we are waiting to hear how she got on when she's next in the office. Rachael has not exercised since the last CTGF challenge last summer and wants to get back into an exercise routine.  She has been doing Zumba every week and also tried Aerobics which she said nearly killed her! Martin's long term goals are to lose a little weight, give up smoking, or cut down, and generally get fitter.  Nadia is looking at ways to reduce stress, which is something we could all benefit from.

Illness and injury has put a couple of the team out of action this week.  Cheryl continues to maintain her standard of excellence but has to drop back on the amount of sport she can do due to injury.  Leila wanted to try as many new classes as possible but due to a back injury her new goal is to strengthen her back and core with a combination of physiotherapy, chiropractor visits and exercise and to recover and be pain free.  She has also had to nightly climb around six flights of stairs visiting her mother in hospital.  Get well soon x

Helen continues to cycle to work and back everyday as well as for fun at the weekend. She also grows her own vegetables so is a picture of perfect health.  I tried Kung Fu today and met quite a few other CTGF participants from other departments, which is another bonus of taking part.  A couple of us stayed on to do the Yin yoga class afterwards.

Simone has been told that "summer bodies are made in winter", so she is hoping to make herself a whole new slimmer and fitter body in May! Both Simone and Sally are regulars on the circuit training sessions and push themselves to the limit in their quest for perfection!  On a lighter note, Dan’s goal is to eat as many burgers as he can whilst not gaining any weight so that he can build up his strength and Graham wants to try to stay sober(ish), do some ironing, go to bed early and climb Everest. 

All could benefit from the inspiring talk today about goal setting presented by Terry and Kevin Betts who has completed 52 marathons in a year. 


Team HR Week 2 Commit to Get Fit



Week 2 saw Sally taking part in her usual Circuit Training classes as well a trip to check out her new local park where she ended up walking for miles.  She landed at Wilde Park having to slide down as massively steep hill covered in rabbit poo.  She went walking in her flip flops and ended up with blisters between her toes!

Simone took part in 2 x 1 hour netball matches.  She can’t believe how rough netball is now and thinks she could do with some rugby training instead to get her ready ‘for a 'not so non-contact’ sport!  Dan did about 400 reps of bouncing his son up and down every day – his arms ache, but he reckons it’ll stop any bingo-wingage.

There was a lot of dancing taking place this week as well.  Graham danced on campus on Thursday and Emma danced for three hours on Saturday night in wedges, so she's hoping that burnt a few calories!

Helen and Graham have continued to cycle into work eveyday and everyone has kept up their usual fitness classes in the week.I went on the Bluebell walk at the week end in Arlington and attended a talk by Terry entitled Eat Better, Feel Better. 





Team HR Week 3 Commit to Get Fit



This week in HR we have been doing pilates, cycling to work, dynamic bodywork, life circuits, aerobics, Zumba, fitness training, yoga and Morris dancing.

Helen went for a long walk in the country on Saturday (11 miles) and if that wasn’t enough, another one on Sunday (again 11 miles) over the down from Seaford to Alfriston and back which is quite a hilly route.   She said it was great to be out in the fresh air but thinks her legs are a bit shorter now!  Then yesterday she did her usual 1.5 hour yoga class which fortunately was concentrating on relaxing.

Simone was also manhandled by an overzealous ‘Goal Keeper’ at a netball match on Thursday night who managed to bend her right arm back further than it should – hence the one-armed life circuits she managed to scrape through today!