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Sziasztok! :)



This blog entry is in the weird Hungarian language. I am looking for Huns at Sussex Uni, maybe I bump into somebody like this. Or if you speak Hungarian you are welcome to comment.


Gondoltam írok egy pár sort, hogy hátha valaki mégis olvassa, aki tud magyarul s szeretne ismerkedni.

Ti mit csináltok itt? A tanuláson kívül persze.. Milyen szakra jártok?

Láttam, hogy régebben az iwiw-en volt ilyen csoport, hogy kik járnak a Sussexre? De mivel magamból indulok ki, s én

sosem nézem a fórumokat, vagy kitalálom, hogy majd most követni fogom, szinte mindig elfelejtem.

Hátha valaki éppen gólyaként, mint én a blogok között matat, megpróbálja felfedezni ezt a rosszul megszerkesztett és nem igazán segítőkész rendszert, amit ez a honlap mutat. :)

Remélem belebotlok valakibe itt, ha meg mégsem, akkor később az egyetemen majd kirakok egy plakátot.

Kellemes évkezdést mindenkinek! Smile

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I am very tired. Exhausted. Not because I have just moved to campus or anything like that.
I stayed up too late again and in the morning looking at the clock I saw that I will be late again
unless I hurry up, get dressed, brush teeth and drink coffee while checking e-mails, reading gossip
and tennis news, listening to youtube. Catch the bus but also not to forget to make my weekly ticket valid.

I was way on time for the beginning of the Mature program. On arrival my name was not in the list.
I was surprised because I even received confirmation about the event. My name was found with my name sticker later.
Because of me the queue became huge. Sorry, not my fault. Smile
Maybe it was a better idea that I wrote my name with nice big letters. Because the printed ones were so
small that you really had to go close to read what you had on it and what course you are in.
Well, for guys it must have been fun shamelessly staring at girls'/women's boobs to figure out the tiny letters Wink, but for me... Because I was tired I was particularly antisocial. I was looking at a girl,just because she was on her own as well..
 than finished reading the article in the magazine I had with me on the bus - I know.. inappropriate. I sat between mums,who had their kids with them.
I prefer kids to adults. That didn't help me socialising either. I was close to giving up the day.

And then I was talked to. Okay, I can answer questions, that is not too difficult. I just forgot to be interested myself.
I think my second coffee kicked in because I decided to start a conversation with lonely girl sitting next to me.
She was just too 'familiar'. So I said: have you managed to meet somebody who will study on the same course as you?
(Just thinking about myself that I have gone to two events so far, zero people from my course. Soon fate will catch me and I
can't hide from my mates any longer.)
  She just had to say one(!1!) word in English and I interrupted her in Hungarian right away, you are Hungarian, aren't you?

Without any doubt that she would think I am crazy or something, I was so sure. And I was right. So we sticked together sat in the first raw during the presentations which were informative and helpful, talked in Hungarian and that was it. The man who was sitting next to us was very friendly as well. One attention seeker woman was sitting right behind me laughing so hard at every single little joke which weren't even 'that' funny. Yell

I would like to set up a Hungarian Society anyway, and 3 people are needed to start one.

The lunch we got with all the drinks,canapes,fruits and cakes was really great. I have to eat well, I love food.
(I am Hunagrian, have I mentioned that before? Wink WE LOVE FOOD. The Society would be about cooking Hun food for people who are interested in the joy of Hun culinary art ;-))
And this was just gorgeous, really. Two thumbs up, if I had a third one that would be up as well. Laughing

The day went very fast. I talked a lot and we went through campus twice with Emese. Missed the Vice Chancellor's speech also twice, because by the time we got there (early, but never early enough) the place was already full. In the mean time we had a chat with a very helpful red-pully-can-help-i-am-from-student-union girl Carly, psycho student, and she was freezing, her lips very literally purple. We chatted a lot and then I realized that in this other part of campus behind Bramber House.. so busy oh students are moving in? Well, actually that shouldn't be so surprising.., many many cars and
worrying parents, sad parents, happy kids, sad students, busy helpers and I-know-it-all parents,
scared students with boxes, packs, lots of stuff, (half of it they will never use/wear/look at/touch), because a piece of home has to come with them. Fully understandable Laughing

This part of adventure is completely missing for me, but I know what it is like to move, I did less than 1,5 years ago from Budapest to here and then within Brighton & Hove 3 times. So I moved away from home for the first time right away to a different country, which is not even neighbouring.

I still have this cold I got more than a week ago.. in windy Falmer it got worse despite 3 layers of clothing and a scarf.., so I have to miss Sunday Funday Frown to get better and make friends with facial sauna again.

But from Monday on I will be back on campus, being antisocial as ever. Cool

Not Spanish



I missed Sunday Funday, but I managed to buy a calendar from WHSmith. The connection between SF and calendar is the university. Poor selection, but at least this one was winking at me with its nice colourful stripes. I love everything with stripes.
(I just honestly don't understand what is so difficult: easy criteria, small calendar, not teeny tiny where there is no space to write, and not incredibly heavy, because I will have books, exercise books, lunch, other stuff as well..)

I visited friends yesterday in Lewes. We played so much Guiter Hero(I also wasn't very thirsty at that point..) that I forgot to check the trains back. It was 11:20pm. Last train in 6 minutes. Obviously missing it. Taxi company ignoring the call, putting me on hold. No taxi. I had to sleep over. Frown

Sleepovers are supposed to be fun, this wasn't because next day, Monday, first day when you actually meet your mates.
No new clothes, no make up, no toothbrush with me, nothing. Obviously I wasn't prepared not to go home. Nothing to make a good impression. Not to mention, no ID with me to pick up my Student ID, no program sheet where to go and what to do. No time to go home in the morning. I still have a cold. I was trying to hide that I was miserable by being very cheerful. It worked.

I was taken by car to Uni. Tick. Found this time green-pully-nice-can-i-help girl. I was just following other people like a maniac, because somebody mentioned the word Geography. Place with fellow students there. Tick. Cool

I ate a lot for breakfast and I forgot that it was supposed to be a Geography Brunch. So when I saw the food on the table I wanted to get out, I just couldn't even look at it. Then I sat down to a table where there was a huge plate of cakes. And some people to talk to. I was ignoring the cake and when a lady asked us whether she could put it on another table I was very relieved.

I didn't talk to too many people. I already can see there will be an unofficial race between BA and BSc students. Who is better? Both can't be good. I am looking forward to the official welcome from the faculty members. I will try to make a better impression then. Kiss

I had to be somewhere in the afternoon, when I saw a nice snake(queue) at Sussex House, I knew that
even if I'd had my passport with me I wouldn't have had time to wait there. Tomorrow will be my lucky day I feel it. Smile

The joke of the day was this conversation during the Brunch:

- Hello. Where are you from?
- I am from Hungary.
- Oh. What language do they speak there? Spanish?
- ?!?! No. In Hungary people speak Hungarian.

(She was very surprised.)