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To register: Step one. Leave your room.



That's me finished with, then...


But that's an exageration. I've left my room. Not ten minutes ago I went out for a Jog and got scared when someone asked for a ciggerete lighter. That's an improvement, surely?

Why such a drastic change of events from yesterday's? I blame my flatmates.

Blames a bit strong, since it's probably a good thing I met so many people - apparently they're not all bad. Here's the story that led to me interacting with others.

There I was, sitting on my computer, listening to a bit of Moulin Rouge when I get a knock on the door. I jumped a bit, but forced up the courage to walk over an open the door. Out in the hall was, um, about... (You know I don't think I can't count that high without taking off my socks) alot of people. So I sat with them.

I sat with them and talked... and joked... and survived until they left for Unite. It was actually rather fun. I'm starting to enjoy this 'people' thing. Maybe I should go knock on their door - Just thinking about it is making me feel queezy.

But, I have two reasons to leave my room today, 3 if you count the shower i'm in desperate need of. And by the end of the day I will be registered as a proper student. Even if I have to leave my room for over an hour!



It's getting more and more tempting to lock that door...



... And not let anyone in.


It's not that I don't like them. Everyone in my House has been lovely. It's just in my past life I was very closed. But, I promised myself I would try to be 'normal'. You know, stay up past my normal bedtime of 9, brave the outside when it's dark and (the hardest on the list) Talk to people.

I'm glad I did part three. The people are lovely. Makes me regret not trying it when I was younger, but I suppose you live and learn.

So, why would I want to lock my self in my room? It's a scary place out there. Looking out my window (through a small gap in my closed curtains, obviously) I see people laughing and joking. 'Haha' they are saying, 'I am having fun'.

The problem comes when their idea of fun is not mine. I don't drink or smoke and the last time I 'danced' - which is what I assume is done when clubbing - I almost broke my nose. I remain apprehensive when confronted with these things. I'll grow to get used to them, I'm sure, in the same way that all us freshers have to get used to our new lives.

When I first arrived I made a move to get involved in my house. I left my bedroom door open. You know, as an invite to those who I will be living with for the next year. I waved to those who past in what I hoped was not a 'HELLOI'MRYANIWANTFRIENDS' way.

It seemed to work and I have now been told the names of those who are in so far. (remembering them will be a different matter)

Maybe I should open my window and wave to those who walk past that, as well, or is that a bit creepy?

Remember, anyone who actually reads this, if you seem someone waving and you seem a bit scared of him, Trust me, he's just as scared as you. Go and say Hi.

I didn't expect it, but typing this has been rather cathartic... Might have to keep this up.