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How I knew I should come to England....




I had a thought...a 'flash back' in came to me on Thursday (the day of the Pier Festival in's not much about now and here,but it's the initial path which let me and made me understand my wildest come back to Brighton and seek for my unanswered questions!!!


When I was younger or even little I had a peculiar dream...I was in an 'ever'-green forest (assosiating with the famous druid forest of the druids hiding place from my favourite Camelot story movie Merlin,by BBC) and in the middle there was an old woman who was calling for me so loud...I walked and walked towards her,as I was stretching my hand I couldn't reach her,but at last she came to me....She spoke in a mystic low voice saying:

"Hello,Catrin,I'm the sorceress you were so longing to see.I know it may seem strange to you,but I'm here to reveal your destiny,cause that is what you deserve,you need a guiding light" (regarding the popular saying "With a guiding light,all teritories can be coquered,all dreams fullfiled and no way can be lost...never")

Then she began her story,starting at the point at which I was born,she reviewed all event from the past that had really happened to me and then she continued to explain my role in live.

(I don't remember exactly what she said/showed me cause this was like more than 6 years ago,I do believe I've found my way with English Literature and Sussex Uni,though,I really loved it here)

(**Note - it's not that I don't miss home - Bulgaria - my frs and family and stuff but I really really like here is my real know...the people are so kind and lovely...mostly the Stanmer Court guys from block B,a special greeting to them *hugs* far as I've seen from the induction week the tutors and teachers are real professionals and very nice also....and Brighton center is just amazing...this summer and party atmosphere that goes all seasons round....I think there's nothing like it anywhere in the world!!! I've travelled a lot!!!)

( And the Students Union USSU does a really great job with Freshers' fortnight!!! I'm just loving it,though I don't always have the time to go out upon all occassions! I was amazed by the Laid back & Latte thing and I just fell in love with the bands playing and I was bestowed by the poetry that people put so much effort into composing...cause you know,as a writing person myself I do believe poetry should and must come from the inside of your soul at all times...It's not an easy thing to do,nor a joke by its inital nature!)

(### Well,I thing that's my understanding for my role in live up until now...I'm still 19-years'-old after all...and I do trust in another popular Old-English-ways' saying....."No young person,no matter how great can know his destiny,he cannot see his path into the great story that's ahead of him/her,like everybody else in the whole wild world he/she must live and learn" ~~~ as something very very familiar was said by the reader in my fav movie Merlin,by BBC,season 1,episode 1,year 2008/2009 ~~~ So,one of the reasons I'm here,in Sussex is to find my own way and answers... ###)

After that,out of nowhere,the forest faded away and on its place appeared a huge building which later turned out to be my high school.

By the time I had this dream I had never heard about my high school ( the same English one I'm refering to late on in my post),I never knew it exsisted...

But enough about the pre-history and unimportant information...The dream was kind of clairvoyant (*note* I got completely persuaded on the freshers' festival day when I saw the same places that where in my dream) because this old lady showed me everything,each and every single event of my life...including how I should go to England and do my best to strive for achieving it... ( that's about how I chose my course *English Literature* )

The strange thing was I had never believed in such stories until I came to Brighton in 2007.I met a guy called Alexander here,who turned out to be studying in my High school back in Sofia,Bulgaria (yeah,I'm Bulgarian and I used to study in an English school which organised seminars in most of Southern UK)

We had a great time together under the sunny sky,laughed,walked on the beach and made henna tatoos... (I wish I could attach some pics here but I don't have them on my current PC,yeah,I know,too bad,isn't it) that's when I knew I'm in love with England and Brighton...That's when I knew the dream I had was clairvoyant....That's when I saw my path was all about me coming here and following my believes and pursuits...

So when I wa lked on the same path again on Thursday...I almost cried...because I knew my place is here...and as I watched the crowd at the railway station....I was siting by just watching....I felt like I fit in completely,like that's the only place I should and could ever feel like home!


All reference are owned by their production party,no infringing and abuse intended!

BBC One holds all copyrights of the Merlin series production,and as it follows all other quotes I've paraphrased to the best of my powers so that they can preserve their meanings but not be infringing!

^^^^^ Another note...^^^^^ I have made my piece a bit different from the common expectations...I've used an editing technique of my own...I have no idea if it's okay,but I'll tell my after all,you're the judging party!