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The Big Picture: Community Engagement @ InQBate Creativity Zone



Today, the Web Team will be visiting InQBate to assist participants in blogging on this site in order to document their discussion and debate throughout the next 2 days.
Participants are reminded that when blogging, they need to ensure they
'tag' each blog post with the term 'the big picture'.

Further tags can be added, by placing a comma before each new word.
(See the tag box below when your writing a new blog post)

Good morning to all participants!

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Engineering and Islam



Has anyone ever thought about or realised how much influence or significance Islam has had upon Engineering?

Being of mixed race and my father having been born in Baghdad, I know only too well about Islamic history in relation to Science and specifically the seminal period of AD 800 - 1100.

To start the discussion surrounding Engineering and Islam, one of the first things I learnt about was Al-Jazari's "Scribe Clock". A most amazingly designed timepiece.

Actually, if you would like to add to this open discussion, please add a comment below sharing your knowledge of Engineering and Islam and include your perspective.

All ideas and comments can then be included at an event this Friday 13th February between 11-3pm, at InQbate.

My final days in the Web team @ Sussex



Hi all,

Well, this is it, I officially finish at the Web Team this Thursday and what a ride it has been! I have been working primarily on the SPLASH project since last September and I have learnt a great deal about the interaction between students/staff and e-learning. Some things I thought I know and some areas I was totally taken aback about.

Being here at the University of Sussex has given me a great sense of belonging and the sense of being "part of a team", and it definately made me feel like a student again - how I miss those days ;-)

It was my first real job in Higher Education, although I had worked on some small freelance projects in various places. I have to say, once you get a job at a place like this, it is highly addictive and it makes you want to do everything in your power to stay here for the long-term - such a nice change from working in the private sector, where within a design agency I would be pushed so hard, working until 9 or 10pm at night was a norm.

I'm going to miss working with the Web Team: Dominic: (Mr X as I like to call him)/Jack/Andy/Penny and Tony - all lovely people, who get stuck into work, without a single hesitance or moan! Well, actually, we all moaned most of the time! ;-) 

So, what happens after Thursday? Well, I am fortunate enough to be going over to InQbate, The Centre of Excellent in Teaching and Learning in Creativity. Some of you may know it, others may not - so go on over and take a peek. It's all about collaboration, self-direction and experiential learning within a technology rich environment. Wow, a lot to take on board.

I will be around there doing numerous things with web, video and technology support - and anything else I need to get my hands stuck into! So, if your around, come on over and say hello from Friday.

I will probably end up blogging on SPLASH more, now that I am leaving the Web Team, although I should probably do more on my own blog - plenty to talk about.

So, you can find me on Twitter // FaceBook // Dopplr// mysite

OR, just keep on using my university email address OR checking my SPLASH profile! I love this site, then again, I am biased I guess ;-)

Thursday 30th April at 1pm - lunch and drinks at East Slope - obviously for the people I know - not some random geezer! ahahaha

All that remains for me to say is bye bye Sussex House, bye bye office space by the grass and I am going to miss those interesting things I always end up hearing coming from over by the Press Team! ;-) xx

Keep smiley faced and remember: Always remain positive, no matter the issue ;-)