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Update on 'The Big Picture' & Anna Dumitriu: artist in residence CCNR



It's me again. The Big Picture continues today at InQbate. Lots of things happening and yesterday had some interesting results. Met a lot of people from various departments and had the opportunity to get a good grip on the kinds of things happening with the University in relation to Community engagement and Outreach projects.

There is also a lot of information and guidance on funding opportunities - all will be revealed in the SPLASH tech blog later in the week.

For now though, come and see me and the SPLASH team at InQbate at around 3pm, Tony Hudson (Head of the Web Team) will be illustrating some of the elements of the SPLASH site and particularly it's new functions that have been recently added as part of user engagement over the last few months Tongue out.

Anna Dumitriu will be over at the centre between 1-3pm. Artist in residence - should be exciting, so come on over and get engaged...


Take a peek at some of the captures of the event:

The Big Picture @ InQbate: 3rd & final day



So, already on the first day at the InQbate centre and the event has had a considerable number of participants. One of the yesterdays highlights was Anna Dumitriu, artist in residence, who was here talking about some of her experiences at Brighton & Hove 'WHITE NIGHT' an event in Brighton that marked the end of British Summer Time in October this year.

Anna showed a video that illustrated some of the many diverse events that took place on that evening and also talked about her work and involvement within the local community. There was also a presentation from the Estate and Facilities Division in relation to a current project they are working on: EcoCampus. Great debate and discussion surrounded issues about recycling within office spaces, the collecting of rainwater and problems in relation to the heating of internal spaces.

Many good points and perspectives were hammered out.

John Walker from CCE, Deaf Studies Program gave a presentation on his Research within the deaf community, that was fascintating and gave an insight into his community outreach work and the issues faced by the deaf community. Had a good chat with John - very approachable chap.

Meanwhile, River Jones, organiser of the 'The Big Picture' event, has begun re-examining the space that has been created over the last couple of days, in order to facilitate a specific 'journey'. River will be working with other members of staff to create 'signposts' within the space, to lead visitors.

Amongst all this activity, I also had the chance to catch up with my favourite lecturer, Dr. Lucy Robinson to investigate further into SPLASH  case study we are working with her on with regards to SPLASH and her BA/MA students. However, you won't that in here - that will be in the tech blog of SPLASH later in the week...

Enough of me talking - how about some visual: