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INSPIRE: Day 0 - The Pre-Amble



BMEc have entered the building. The Shard building, to be exact.

The Commit to Get Fit challenge officially starts tomorrow but thanks to Faith cycling in to work:

Bannier on a Bike

And Austin's morning work-out, the team have already made it to floor 1 (Reception):



And we found ourselves ambling (or pre-ambling) across the treacherous terrain of the Boundary Walk, where we battled slightly-muddy-ground and inclines. 

Here is a photo of us before the walk started, glowing with naive optimism and youthful vigour:

Left to Right: Slenderman, Faith Hill, Dermot, Mayday, Texas, Hil.M.i

No 'after' photo was taken, out of respect for the survivors.

Elsewhere, Brinyan, Layla and Becky tried their hands (wrists?) at volleyball and survived with little or no permanent scarring.

All-in-all, things are set to be excellent and with a little (s)hard work, we're bound to make it to the top!


BMEc - BMotivated; Eliminate competition

INSPIRE - Climbing the Shard in 30 Days



Working in an office can be hazardous to one's health - there's always plates of cakes around, there's no fresh air because the windows have been glued shut and you have to spend 8.5 hours a day (not that I'm counting) sitting next to someone who insists on sneezing on you.

So here at BMEc, we have decided to take part in this year's Commit to Get Fit challenge. Aside from all our individual goals, we will also be working on a team goal, INSPIRE...


The Shard is the tallest building in the European Union. As a team, BMEc is committing to climbing the Shard in 30 days, floor by floor.

The building is about 80 floors high and made up of different levels – offices, restaurants and hotels. If we say that 2 hours of activity equals 1 floor, it will take us about 160 hours to climb. That’s 16 hours per person, 4 hours per week per person.

Levels in the Shard

Ground Floor: Entrance
1 – 2: Reception
3 – 28: Offices
31 – 33: Restaurants
34 – 52: Shangri-La Hotel
53 – 65: Residences
68 – 72: The View from the Shard
73 – 87: Spire

When we get to the 80th floor, we will all be in the spire. We will all be… INSPIRE.


BMEc - Be Motivated; Eliminate competition