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Looking forward to August



Hello hey!

This very August I will be studying Democracy and Human Rights here att US. Im very excited about it and it would be a lot of fun to come in contact with other internationel students who are going to study at US in August. I am currently studying political science at the University of Halmstad in Sweden.


Cheers, Hans

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.



Life is too short to regret. The same as my one-month life here. Even so, I have tried to make the best out of it. I have cherished my life every day here.

I’m not a good writer. I used to hide my inner feelings and even suppress them, even though I was very happy or sad. But after these three weeks, I am very touched by everything I have seen here and Sussex.

There are too many things to write. But I am going to share something which has inspired me a lot. Let me start with people I have met here!

In the very first day…cold, rainy, windy…these were how I felt when I first came to London…or to be honest, Sussex here. I had not expected that cold weather. And I noticed there were a lot of students from America. Ah, isn’t it international summer school? Isn’t US standing for University of Sussex? Well, I’m just kidding.

In fact, later, I have met a lot of American students, who I can really get along well with. I also have flatmates from Germany and Hong Kong. In the class, I have met several students from Italy, America, Hong Kong and Austria and some of their friends too. We always have lunch and dinner together. Cooking together is really an interesting activity for many of us because we can talk about food cultures to break the ice and have a lot of fun. One of a Hong Kong student is a photographer and always takes a lot of photos. Well, again, a stereotype of Asian people who love taking a lot of photos…even so, I am not a typical Asian.

Global Dinner Gathering at Northfield

We always talk about many things, everything ranging from big issues like politics, society and philosophy around the world, music, art and something about my home country, to small issues such as personal experience, ups and downs in our lives. That is really inspiring. After talking with them, I realise I have different advantages and drawbacks. I do have a lot of things to improve.

For example, I am not a big fan of movie. But when most of them talked about movies, I always didn’t know what to talk with them. Until then, I realise it is something I should be more aware of since films are not just for entertainment (which I used to think), but can be more didactic. I have a weekly movie session in my class. After watching a film, I can learn something which I can relate to my course.

Also, I should read more books. I really admire my friends who have a lot of reading experience and they are very knowledgeable. I always gave myself a lot of excuses not to read books, even though I like those books very much.

Even though my spoken English is sometimes not fluent enough, I can still communicate with them. Sometimes I am not self-confident enough to sum up my bravery to speak up and come out of my comfort zone to speak English. But I find it comfortable to talk to them. I have learnt a lot of things from them.

Music, movies, motivation…food, books, knowledge… have kept me staying hungry, staying foolish. Thank you very much, my friends. I am so proud of knowing you all. You have really opened my eyes to many possibilities.

My Summer Abroad: A mostly-photo blog.



Well, I made it to Brighton, England! It's still so surreal that I'm here. I honestly feel so lucky. If anyone told 5-years ago Ashley that I was now studying abroad in Europe, she never would have believed them. I feel as though I have something to prove to myself, though. By being here and by studying abroad I'm proving what I'm capable of. This is an opportunity that I never would have imagined to be possible. The most fulfilling part is that I've gotten here on my own. Lesson of the summer: If you want your dreams to come true all you have to do is set goals for yourself and have the will to achieve. I must say, working and saving my money since High School really has paid off. I couldn't possibly think of a better way to spend my savings. The couple weeks before I came were se hectic at home and there were multiple times I almost backed out of coming here. I would have absolutely regretted that one. I'm thrilled that I'm here though, and now that I am I've just been thinking "What do I have to do to stay here for the rest of my life?". Honestly, I have fallen in love with this country. I always knew I was meant to be British.

Brighton beach on a hot summer day!

Brighton Beach on a Hot Summer's Day

University of Sussex Poppeys!

Studying English Folklore while here has been absolutely inspiring! I wasn't quite sure what to expect at first but the module is so interesting. My teacher is so passionate about what he's teaching and he really makes us think critically about folklore and the history behind it. We've gone on so many interesting field trips around Sussex and also to Stonehenge and King Arthur's Round Table! At first, during the first week I heard stories from friends who were going on field trips to London and such, and I was kind of bummed that we weren't. But I do NOT regret it! If anything traveling around Sussex has made me realize how much more I love the countryside over London (not that I don't love the city but the countryside landscapes offer no comparison). The places we've visited have been so beautiful. It's crazy to think that to the people who live here this is something so ordinary. If I lived here I don't think I'd ever get sick of the landscape. There's just something about looking out into a field and seeing 4 different shades of green, a field full of poppeys, scattered sheep, and the rolling hills in the background all at once. It's simply breathtaking every single time.

Stonehenge with English Folklore

English Folklore at Stonehenge!

Hiking the countryside

A hike along the countryside! It doesn't get better than this!

Hope to see you very soon, Brighton!



Probably this is my second, but also the last blog entry here, because I am an ISS Session 1 student and my account here is going to be closed tomorrow.


Sunset at London Heathrow Airport

***Sunset at London Heathrow Airport


Come back to Hong Kong

***Come back to my home, Hong Kong


This day finally came.....the day to go back to my home....

I did cry several times for leaving Brighton very early. This trip is very inspiring to me and has taught me a lot of things beyond my imagination.

1. I spent my very first time in my life drinking Tequila, with salt and East Slope Bar....

2. My first time to get drunk......again in East Slope Bar....Embarassed

3. I rarely had a chance in my home country to prepare food and have dinner with a lot of international students from America, Austria, Italy... except in Sussex there.

4. Through talking and listening to them, I realised I had a lot of things to improve myself.....watching more movies and books to keep myself up-to-dated and improve my English, academic reading skills, 

5. I have made friendship beyond the campus. I have got chances to make friends with some local Brighton people. It is very nice to meet them and hear their story about Brighton and their lives.

There are still a lot of things I have learnt from this trip........It takes some time for me to understand what they subtly taught me......... But no matter what, I would like to say this trip has inspired me a lot to understand myself and teach me a lot of things, beyond my imagination. Everyone I have met here is my life mentor. I really cherished my every day in the campus and Brighton. I really wish I could stay longer. But I have already come back to my home in Hong Kong. Even though I am still sad about leaving here so early, all I want to do is not to fail everyone I have met here in the campus and Brighton, but motivate myself to change to be a better student and hope to keep in touch with everyone I have met. I hope I will not fail you when you see me again someday, somewhere.


I miss Northfield

***I miss Northfield


Brighton Marina

***Lovely sea gull in Brighton Marina


Whole Class Picture

***Whole the final lesson. Thanks Greta and all of my dear classmates teaching and helping me so much!


Dinner Together

Dinner Together Dinner Together!


Thanks for reading my blog entries! Hope you enjoy them and all the best to you and everyone I have met here in Brighton! Hope to see you in the future!