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Mohan Rao guest lecture - 'Surrogacy as Empowerment: Reproductive Labour as Surplus in neoliberalism' .



Hi everyone, yet another brilliant guest lecture courtesy of the Centre for Bionetworking and in partnership with the Sussex Asian Lecture Series! 

Next Monday (13th May) we're welcoming Mohan Rao, from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, to give his lecture lecture: 'Surrogacy as Empowerment: Reproductive Labour as Surplus in neoliberalism' .

Tea, coffee and biscuits available as usual! See you there! (full events info below)

'Surrogacy as empowerment: Reproductive labour as surplus in neoliberalism’

Mohan Rao

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

 Monday 13th May, 12.30-2.00

 Room 103, Fulton Building, University of Sussex

Neo-liberal India is emerging as a centre for reproductive tourism, having, under state patronage, pursued policies for developing medical tourism. Among the procedures for reproductive tourists, is the availability of medical surrogacy. It is argued that the surrogate exercises agency and choice, and that this is a win-win situation, calling only for regulation of clinics and standards. Professor Rao argues, on the contrary, that this is the exploitation of alienated reproductive labour, akin to reproductive slavery. The appropriate policy response is therefore banning all but altruistic surrogacy.

Mohan Rao is a Professor at the Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He is a medical doctor, specialised in public health. He is the author of From Population Control to Reproducive Health: Malthusian Arithmetic (Sage, 2004) and has edited Disinvesting in Health: The World Bank's Health Prescriptions (Sage, 1999) and The Unheard Scream: Reproductive Health and Women's Lives in India (Zubaan 2004). With Sarah Sexton, he has edited Markets and Malthus: Population, Gender and Health in Neo-liberal Times (Sage 2010).

All welcome.

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