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To be ill or not to be...



Well, I'm into my second week of being ill. After having visited the GP last week, he diagnosed me as having a 'Viral Illness'. What defines a 'Viral Illness' and how did I get it? After feeling quite positive at the end of last week and eventually thinking that I would recover by the end of last weekend, it all went wrong on Monday morning, with a horrible bit of fever, lots of coughing and generally feeling weak.

The worst thing about being ill? Well here is what I think:

1) Missing out at work and exchanges between you and your colleagues
2) Being absolutely bored at home and not being able to do anything constructive
3) Having a lack of appetite
4) Feeling overall quite sorry for yourself Cry

So, I sit here trying to read something, even though my eyes can't seem to focus on anything for a prolonged amont of time, trying to drink fresh coffee to stay awake.

I have to venture out into the world tomorrow to see my GP again, and even though I don't like visiting my doctor's surgery, in a sad sort of way, I look forward to actually leaving the house, rather than staring at the four walls of my bedroom.

I have always had problems this time of year, when Summer turns into Autumn, but never this bad....

Am I getting old or is my body trying to tell me something else?

I hope to be back on campus as soon as possible as any longer, and I think I will truly go crazy...

From the sickman.