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New York & Las Vegas



Okay, so I'm aware I've been VERY bad at updating. It's almost two months since my last post...oops. But at least that means there's lots to fill you in on!

Two weeks ago, I started my final quarter at UW. Last quarter was generally very good, especially compared to the first one. I LOVED all my courses, especially gender studies literature, and I started to feel much more settled and have my own little friendship group going on, and it sped by so quickly the workload didn't seem to drag on so much (and seeing as I enjoyed the courses it didn't get to me as much as last quarter). However, I decided I did not like the American room-sharing dorm experience one bit, and have now moved into an on-campus apartment, with a single room, which I much prefer...the girls I'm living with are all nice and after sharing a room a single room is a luxury! This quarter I only have to do two courses due to credit requirements. You'd think that would mean less work, but apparently not! I'm doing a women filmmaker course which is interesting but a HUGE workload for some reason. I'm also doing Romantic poetry, which I chose mainly because there weren't that many other courses I liked available that didn't clash with the film one, and I had the tutor last quarter and she's great, and also I do like Romantic poetry. Unfortunately, however, I'm not a fan of Wordsworth, and we're mainly studying him, which is not fun...I'm holding out for the Blake! I love Keats, but unfortunately he's not on the course; it's only early Romantics.

Anyway, for Spring Break, which was only a week (American universities don't like to give their students much time off) at the end of March, I went to New York City and my mum flew out to meet me. It was lovely. I've only been to NYC once before, at the end of my roadtrip in my gap year, and only spent a day there that time, so it was lovely to go back and be able to explore more! Did lots, but there's so much to do in New York you need at least month there to see everything! I want to live there one day, it is my aim in life, I love it so much. We managed to do the main sights however, like Statue of Liberty, MOMA and Empire State Building etc, plus of course, what I was looking forward to the most, the Sex and the City tour, which was amazing! Went on a boat ride round the Hudson too which was most lovely, and also went to see a play on Broadway with Rupert Everett and Angela Lansbury (the lady from "Murder She Wrote") in it, was in the fourth row, hah! It was great, it was a Noel Coward play called "The Blithe Spirit." All in all, I had an amazing time and loved it a lot, but it was sad and weird to leave my mum, and that wasn't helped by the fact my flight at JFK was delayed by three hours due to fog which wasn't fun, especially because two of those hours were spent sitting on the tarmac, urgh.

Then, last weekend, for my friend's 21st, we went to Las Vegas! Hadn't been before, so was super-excited. We stayed in Mandalay Bay, a 4 1/2 star hotel which is apparently now the biggest hotel in the world, even over the MGM Grand! It was lovely and had a fake beach so we did lots of sunbathing! Tried my luck at gambling, but wasn't much good at it I'm afraid to say...still, it had to be done! Also saw a Cirque de Soliel show which was amazing! And just generally explored the place. Some of the hotels are stunning, the Bellagio especially. We saw the fountain show and it was breathtaking! We had cocktails in Caeser's Palace and they were $16 a head! Shocking. Anyway, had a lovely time and was glad to tick another place off my list! Vegas is certainly a spectacle...I'd go back there in a hot minute.

It's odd to think I will be back in the UK in just two months now. It's gone by SO quickly! I wanted to stay and travel when I finished, but my money situation isn't looking too good, and I need to go back and get a summer job ASAP really. Plus I've been to most of the places I wanted to, so it's all good. I have mixed feelings about going back, to be honest. I've grown to really love it here and become quite attached; I went downtown recently when it was a lovely day and was just wandering around and realised how much I really adore Seattle, and how lucky I am to have lived here, and how sad I'll be to go. However, I really do miss people and places and things in the UK SO much, in ways I can't wait to return! Not just the obvious friends and family, but little things I've always taken for granted, like the TV, chocolate and magazines (all of which are vastly superior to the American versions...and despite the fact America has produced some amazing TV shows, to just kick back and watch for relaxation or some such, like I like to do at home, it is most boring, especially the news!) It's an odd feeling. At least I know I've got friends here though so it'll be easy to visit. I hope this summer is good. Need to sort out a house for Brighton too which is stressful, as well as a job...I don't want to be thinking about these things right now, but it seems I have to!

My flight back is messed up though, annoyingly, because when I booked it I just picked a random date, thinking it would be easy to change, as I wasn't sure when I'd be heading back. I should have checked when I finished and booked it for then just to be on the safe side, but stupidly, I didn't think. I need to be out of my accommodation by the 13th June and my flight was booked for the 30th. Of course, although one of my friends changed her flight the month before she flew back in December with no problem, it had to be an issue for me to change it...because BA are for some reason only doing one flight back a month in June, so there were no flights until the 24th June bar 10th June, when my last exam is. I took the latter because there was only one space and also I'll have nowehere to live after the 13th. I wasn't happy about this but it seemed the only option...annoying as I didn't want my last few days to be full of stress; I was hoping to have a few days to relax after I finished. THEN, as the icing on the cake, I discover my exam only finishes a half hour before the flight! Typical. It's fine, because I can just ask to take it early, they're not so strict about that kind of thing here, but seriously...I don't want my last few moments here to be rushed and horrible, full of packing and revising! So I'm asking them to let me know if any spaces free up on flights the few days after that one...and if not, well I guess I'm just going to have a stressful last few days here. I need to make sure I appreciate the rest of my time here, though; there are so many things I haven't done yet that I need to before I go back!

It was Easter today, so I had a roast dinner at my fellow British friend's apartment. The Americans don't seem to celebrate Easter like us Brits, which I find odd, given they're a much more Christian nation. Then, as oddly I don't seem to have had much work this weekend, I spent the rest of the day doing things I haven't had time to do since I moved, such as decorate my room. Then tomorrow I'm into week three of my final quarter...I cannot believe it's gone so quickly!

See, I made up for not posting for ages by writing a ridiculously long entry! :)