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Competition is for losers



I am the most uncompetitive person out there or in here, or anywhere. I challenge anyone to be as uncompetitive as I am; I just dare you – go on – you’ll have no chance. Indeed to prove how uncompetitive I am, I ran the 2013 Brighton Marathon and I purposely was the last person to start the race (well, fun run for me). As if that was not enough, to truly show how uncompetitive I really am, I engaged in a two day alcohol binge, climaxing just 10 hours before the fun run started.  I woke up the morning of the race feeling very sick, with all my doors being called to manual, and  evacuations being intensified by that nervous feeling of impending death.  Anyway, I digress, but you should know that I finished the run in a most uncompetitive 5 hours 12 mins, and the winning time was 2 hours 10 mins, so I was exceptionally uncompetitive.

I felt this preface was required before I announce that I going to do the Boundary run at the end of the month. For me,  it is all about taking part and not being competitive, unless during the run, it looks like I might win. Please do join me in the thrill of not competing… if you can keep up. Right, I’m off to the offy to get my training pack!