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Disaster Recovery



"Disaster" is subjective of course, but here's one version. You offer to hand in some coursework for a friend, who is off on holiday on deadline day. She emails you her submission, and you hit "delete" instead of "print". Friendship over. Or, is it?

Well, if she emailed your University of Sussex address, then you're in luck. We backup your mailboxes several times a day, and we can probably recover the email for you. Gmail can't do that, Hotmail can't do that, and Yahoo can't do that.

To get your email back, fill out the form at:

Give us as much information as you can about the lost email - Who sent it? When? What was the subject?

The faster you make the request, the more likely we'll be able to do it in minutes rather than hours. If it's really critical, then come to our helpdesk or phone us and ask us to deal with the request urgently.


Disclaimer: We'll do our best to help quickly, but it will depend on staff availability.

This note is based on a true story.