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Last night at Marroccos



I love going to Marroccos on Hove seafront. We used to go quite a lot when we lived in Hove, since moving to Worthing we usually go there after work when  Caroline or myself can't be bothered to make tea or its a sunny evening as its right on the seafront. Great also to go to a place which isn't a chain, always try to avoid chains especially after reading No Logo by Naomi Klein and the fact that they are usually boring and sterile. Thats not to say I never eat or shop at chains, food at Pizza Express and ASK is usually ok, only pizza place I probably wouldn't go in is Pizza Hut as I had a bad time once at one in Brighton. But going to Marroccos is to me always a much nicer option - its not necessarily nicer food (I do think the food is pretty good though and they sell home made Italian ice cream and nice coffee)  but the event is just nicer. They know our faces in there now and we always get a warm welcome. The old bloke who is the retired owner always tells us the same story about how  he held out against the property developers,  "a million pounds they offered me" he will say - warms my heart every time. On nice evenings you can also follow up your meal with a catnap on the beach, although these days my 2 year and 10 month old daughter won't allow that, neither will my 13 year old teenage daughter - must find a way of bribing the eldest to look after the youngest while I have my catnap. Anyway off to bed now.

marroccos cafe
image from Flickr