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How I fell in love....(Part 2)




So,ppl,here's the 2 part...I hope you'll like it...Here is my poem,guys...remember? About the ENGLISH guy I fell in love,sit tight,if you've just got up sit/lack back and just read...if you want to,of course,if not,just go grab a cup of coffee and just pretend you've read all the's your choice,it's my feeling ;)


***I'm sharing really personal info here,so pls if you're rly going to read least don't laugh :))) That's rly important since it's intimate***

I'll put just the extract of my diary straight away as they are....Here it goes...ppl...


That's a Camelot storyline poem.I do not own any copyright and names related to any kind of broadcast production.There are the one and single property of the third party who produced them.

To the assessment cometee...If you find that any of my post/content is or may be considered an offense to someone or of someking feel free to edit it and/or remove it.Thank you for your all of you!


Your eyelids as flawless as seashells

drift away ashore by chance,

and seem so in touch with your inner self

it makes them the perfect nature dance.

Eyelashes as mystic as the tidal waves

long,refined like a burning ember,

when closed make my deepest crave*

when open recall of crystal december.


Nose - an Ancient pillar** of admiration

on its greates peak - Olympus mount***,

awaiting Aphrodite's love declaration

for Eden woeing cannot be taunt****.

His cheeks - Odin's pink rose hills^

his lips - Edna's burning red core,

both bringing such intense thrills

in my heart creating flames still sore.


His eyes - the hazel diamonds of the East

his skin exciting bright brown and peach cream,

twinkling on and off at a night star feast

obliterate the wildest woman's dream.


His hair - Lancelot's majestic locks

his voice - Shallot's royal cheer,

a knight's pride in how he walks

he's more of a prince than of a squeer^^.



This man will shatter every glass

with the looks of Arthur's youth,

Camelot will rise once more at last,

with the Queen of fair truth~.


02nd Oct 2009
Sussex Uni.

5.40 a.m. (OMG?!)

That's like the coolest thing I've done up to now...
And who's "responsible"..... (* that's the reference to the poem*)(pls read if u're interested in my work)

1). "My" special one....well,he's still not mine,but I hope he'll make any notice of my affections very soon :)
2). OMG "&O!#@.%^" (that's his name...I've told you already I'm not telling you who he is...haha)

you've got the whole credit and you're the one to blame!

3) All the English Lit books I've read through my live....all the music I've listen to...all the movies I've watched....

4) And I owe it all to....the WONDERLAND UK....and the most beautiful memories it gives me and I hope will continue to do so....



P.S. Mates,that's all for now,see you later...I need to get some sleep though...I have been to bed all night...yeah,I know...I sound awfully stupid...but probably most of you doing the same or similar course will understand that creativity and inspiration doesn't come when you wish them to,they just strike you likea brightest lightening from a clear UK sky....So,thanx for watching/reading/apprehensing and other stuff :P

Bye,Bye,see ya soon,I do intend to post a bit more if there's time :))))