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Team MPS CTGF Week 1: Mission complete!



Well. Oonagh, Gemma, Sinead, Debbie, Sally and Sarah just did lunchtime Zumba and it was MENTAL. I can barely tell left from right so it was challenging to say the least coordination-wise, but very fun nonetheless. We just ended up hopping around to the music in some sort of fashion if we couldn't do the steps. Just as you were giving up a favourite song would come on (Gangnam style!) and reinvigorate you - it really kept you moving through to the end of the class. Our faces are still red an hour after finishing - we all look sunburned! We all agreed it was really hard and we made it through the class by the skin of our teeth, but we were all giggly and excitable afterwards and actually had a really good time. :)

I was going to the gym after work but I'm going to settle for walking home as I'm absolutely cream crackered now.

Another individual progress log for this week:

Debbie: "As I had been suffering from a bad back for the last 7 months. Activity has been at a minimum.  However I do walk my dog for 20 minutes a day and 2 or 3 times a week try and take a half hour walk around the campus. At the weekend we took the dog for a half hour walk on Saturday after walking around the town for 2 hours. On Sunday we met my daughter and had a walk around the Marina for half an hour.  Last Thursday (25 April) I took my three grandchildren for a swim over at Lewes for an hour and a half.  Wednesday  1 May I had a further walk around town for two hours.  Also took the dog for a walk with two of the grandchildren. Friday 3rd May - off to Zumba -we will see how that goes.  This week I have increased my walking and have lost 2 pounds in weight - a mere drop in the ocean."