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Keeping going when you really don't want to



Like a lot of people I find running hard and the psychological will to keep running is often the hardest part (true of any exercise really). When I run with a friend or am doing a class at the gym you have someone there to give some words of encouragement which really help you keep going when your body is desperately asking for a break. The problem comes when you are exercising alone. When running something I've learned to do is at the point where my mind is saying "Go on Rob, have a break you've earned it" (my psyche is quite chatty) I look ahead and pick a marker like a lamp post or tree and aim to run that far before I stop. Invariably when I get to the marker I usually find I can keep going so pick a new marker. This helps me but it only works for so long though.

In order to track my running I installed an app on my phone called RunKeeper (Android IOS). The app is great at showing how far you've travelled during exercise as well as: altitude covered, calories burnt, pace information and much more. But my favourite feature is the the nice lady who speaks to me every five minutes. She tells me how far I've gone, how my pace is doing and how great my hair is looking today. Okay well maybe she doesn't mention my hair but her other things she says really do help keep me going. Anyone who is running, walking or cycling I should really give this app a go as it's the best fitness app I've tried to date :)