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The small things are what matters



Sometimes you can be plodding along at something for a while with no apparent progress then suddenly out of no where you get a sign that you are actually going in the right direction and it makes you feel great. I had this on Monday and I’m still feeling the buzz from it. I was at my usual yoga class (general yoga with Karen) and I managed to get fully into quite a difficult position that I have been working towards for a while. I’ve put a picture of the full position below, which is a shoulder stand. Looking at it now I cannot believe I got my body to do that, but I did so wahey!

Shoulder stand

On this high I went along to the ‘goal setting’ talk presented by Kevin Betts and Terry Cooper yesterday. As a result of it I’ve pretty much convinced myself to sign up for the Brighton marathon next year as I want to really challenge myself, the talk was that good! Just have to wait for the next pay check then I’m pretty sure I’m going to do it. I want to do one marathon at least once in my life and I believe I am the fittest I have ever been so now seems a good a time as any.

I took away some really good points yesterday such as setting goals which are:

• Measurable

• Managable

• Motivating

And within those goals have smaller and larger sub goals. The talk also made me think about what my limits actually are and how more often than not they are controlled by psychological factors rather than physical ones. I find generally that during the CtGF challenge I really do push myself and it’s something that I want to extend further into the year and into my personal and work life too. I love feeling inspired and positive as it’s a really motivating feeling so am really keen to prolong these feelings and ‘ride on the high’ as long as possible.

Run for one and run for all



Hi CTGF-ers!

I'm Cathy and I work on reception for Sussexsport - hopefully I've seen a few of you coming and going for various things. :)  I am also a qualified Leader in Running Fitness and L.O.V.E pretty much everything to do with running (especially the clothes...).

I am a super keeno runner, and I just want to encourage anyone that is even considering starting to run as part of your committing to get fit to just do it.  It'll be hard at first, but once you stick at it it is the cheapest and easiest way of keeping fit.  All you really need to invest in is a decent pair of running shoes and a decent sports bra (ladies, not so much the chaps).  I find it not only really stress busting, but it is easy to start setting goals and targets with running: to really have an aim to doing it.  There's a fantastic free run every Saturday morning called Parkrun, which is 5km and has a great atmosphere. If you've never run in an 'event' before, it's a great place to start. Give it a 'google'.

When you start out running, it is easy to think that you will be the slowest person ever, and that you look ridiculous whilst doing it. Please stop thinking these things!!! You may not be the fastest person out there - in fact, you definitely won't be, but no one is looking, and there will always be someone out there running slower than you!

If any of you are keen to start running, but would rather do it in a group setting for that bit of extra motivation (and fun!) then I am leading a beginners running session from the Sports Centre at 12pm on Wednesdays and would love to see you there.  

Keep up the fantastic work on the blogs and the exercise: they're great to read!