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I feel like Julie Andrews



It became clear yesterday that the Commit to Get Fit challenge was getting serious when the office biscuits were replaced with a tub of tangerines. I have decided not to be down beat about this, and, in the positive spirit of Girl Power, will tell myself that I don't want biscuits...what I want, "what I really, really want", is a piece of fruit!

The Boundary Walk yesterday was also a great way to kick off my health regime - if I didn't feel like Julie Andrews surrounded by all those hills, I definitely should do today when I hope to be blithely cycling through the countryside.  If the DARO team would  join me in singing about our favourite things, it would be perfect! X



DARO - Commit to Get Fit - Official'ish blog #3



Wow.  Mountain biking up over the Downs above campus today was amazing.  Eight of us went with Jenny from Sports as our cheerleader.  Six formed the scouting party that went on ahead and graciously waited at certain points for the two laggers whom Jenny was cheering on.  It was almost complete relief when Jenny got a puncture and had to change the inner tube as the laggers got to stand around looking helpful whilst gulping in fresh air.  

One of the advance party has only ever cycled on roads and he found the fast downhill pace over loose flint more scary than the Lewes Road.  The bikes provided by Sports are great quality with them being new aluminium, so, easy to push uphill with one hand on the bike and the other massaging the stitch.  The helmets are cool if you like to look like a chipmunk but ESSENTIAL when you consider the terrain.

DARO is looking at Sussex research and will be putting into practice the findings that will help with the Commit to Get Fit programme.  One of the research teams found that an effective way to deal with stress was reading which reduced levels by 68%.  Obviously reading the research helped there then.  The next most effective tool is to listen to music which can reduce stress levels by 61%, followed by having a cup of tea of coffee (54% reduction) and finally, a walk lessened stress by 42%.

Our SurveyMonkey results have shown what the most popular sports for DARO are and we're all booking ahead as soon as we can.

Not on the road to Rio



Feeling a bit sore but physically well (except for a few bruises) after a very vigorous bike ride yesterday.  I think that those who saw me trying not to fall off my bike and not lag too far behind my colleagues would say I am not the nation's next great Olympian.  I'm sure though, that with experience, this is a really good way to exercise.

I definitely felt a sense of achievement at the end and really want to thank Jenny, whose encouragement spurred me on to the finish line.  I am only sad that I let Julie Andrews down - the effort of straining to drag myself up hills left me in no mood for singing.