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Aiming high



I can hardly believe it's only been two months since I first set wheel onto the Isle. So much has happened in the intervening time, so many things about me and my life have changed, and changed again. I went from being the epitome of the lone traveller to being surrounded by a wide network of friends and acquaintances – and yet I have plenty of time to myself, to retreat and think, to read and write. I went from not knowing where I'd sleep before I'd see the spot, from always being on the move, to having my own bed again – and yet, in nine weeks, I have not been in one place for more than three, and that wasn't the current one, either. I went from having all the time in the world to feeling quite overwhelmed with work – and yet now, I am searching for more things to do in my spare hours.

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Click, went my brain. Place cells. Click. Just like that.



In case you missed the other blog entry: I've been caught on film!

How not to not procrastinate

I've spent much of my Christmas break thinking, researching, designing and prototyping for a neural networks project I've briefly mentioned before. It was slow going, at first. I had chosen to write my cognitive science essay on the subject of artificially evolved neural networks, and what we might learn about cognition from them. Reading papers was like walking on thin ice, then: I would start reading, and invariably get sidetracked, thinking about how I might use what I was learning for the project, rather than answering the essay question. The more I read, the further the two goals seemed to drift apart. But of course, the essay was a priority, and so, after much gnashing of teeth and putting the writing off, I had to force part of my brain to shut up, and slowly, reluctantly, an essay took shape.

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