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My Welcome Week - 26th Sept 09



The 26th September has finally arrived and I'm heading southbound for the University of Sussex!

I can't believe it! It seems like I have been waiting centuries... but thankfully all my hard work has paid off and I’m here at long last ready to start my degree!

Arriving at the campus made everything real, I would eventually get to see my room and meet the people that I would be spending the next year living and studying with, how exciting! So after a long 4 hour drive from the Midlands I was standing outside Kent House gazing up at the windows anxious of what my room looked like. Unfortunately the lift had broken and I was on the top floor, this made it even more of a mission to get all my belongings to my room in the quickest time possible… bad news for my dad as he was given the job of carrying my massive suitcase up all of the stairs, where as me and my mom got the easy job of directing him!

So, back to moving in… my room is lovely I’m opposite a shop and have a great view of university life outside. After settling in and popping all my bits and bobs up in my room, like photos of my friends and family from back home… we turned to the next most important thing… FOOD! We headed for the lovely Falmer Bar, giving us a chance to sit back and relax and for me to spend some time with my parents before they left. The walk to Falmer Bar was lovely and it was good to see that everything is in walking distance.

So that was it! My parents were homebound whilst I was studentlifebound! I love the idea of being able to eat what I want, when I want and practically do anything I wanted but then it struck me… Oh no! I really should have learned to cook and iron over the summer, it literally was down to me!

After a second of thinking ‘oh no’ it was time to get properly acquainted in the kitchen with one of the most important ingredient for any student… yes! You’ve got it, ALCOHOL! After craking open the beers and unscrewing the wine bottles it wasn’t long before conversation flew over the dinner table. Introductions were all said and done and it was time to discuss the very important plan of what was happening this evening and for us girls… what were we going to wear? After deliberation it was decided, a stroll round the campus to see what was generally happening, a drink or two in Falmer Bar and then on to the Cube for the welcome party!

I loved it. I got chance to get to know my flat mates more and have a good night out. We danced the night away in the Cube before coming back to Kent House and having a cuppa before bed! What a brilliant first day and an awesome start to my student life! 

To register: Step one. Leave your room.



That's me finished with, then...


But that's an exageration. I've left my room. Not ten minutes ago I went out for a Jog and got scared when someone asked for a ciggerete lighter. That's an improvement, surely?

Why such a drastic change of events from yesterday's? I blame my flatmates.

Blames a bit strong, since it's probably a good thing I met so many people - apparently they're not all bad. Here's the story that led to me interacting with others.

There I was, sitting on my computer, listening to a bit of Moulin Rouge when I get a knock on the door. I jumped a bit, but forced up the courage to walk over an open the door. Out in the hall was, um, about... (You know I don't think I can't count that high without taking off my socks) alot of people. So I sat with them.

I sat with them and talked... and joked... and survived until they left for Unite. It was actually rather fun. I'm starting to enjoy this 'people' thing. Maybe I should go knock on their door - Just thinking about it is making me feel queezy.

But, I have two reasons to leave my room today, 3 if you count the shower i'm in desperate need of. And by the end of the day I will be registered as a proper student. Even if I have to leave my room for over an hour!



It's getting more and more tempting to lock that door...



... And not let anyone in.


It's not that I don't like them. Everyone in my House has been lovely. It's just in my past life I was very closed. But, I promised myself I would try to be 'normal'. You know, stay up past my normal bedtime of 9, brave the outside when it's dark and (the hardest on the list) Talk to people.

I'm glad I did part three. The people are lovely. Makes me regret not trying it when I was younger, but I suppose you live and learn.

So, why would I want to lock my self in my room? It's a scary place out there. Looking out my window (through a small gap in my closed curtains, obviously) I see people laughing and joking. 'Haha' they are saying, 'I am having fun'.

The problem comes when their idea of fun is not mine. I don't drink or smoke and the last time I 'danced' - which is what I assume is done when clubbing - I almost broke my nose. I remain apprehensive when confronted with these things. I'll grow to get used to them, I'm sure, in the same way that all us freshers have to get used to our new lives.

When I first arrived I made a move to get involved in my house. I left my bedroom door open. You know, as an invite to those who I will be living with for the next year. I waved to those who past in what I hoped was not a 'HELLOI'MRYANIWANTFRIENDS' way.

It seemed to work and I have now been told the names of those who are in so far. (remembering them will be a different matter)

Maybe I should open my window and wave to those who walk past that, as well, or is that a bit creepy?

Remember, anyone who actually reads this, if you seem someone waving and you seem a bit scared of him, Trust me, he's just as scared as you. Go and say Hi.

I didn't expect it, but typing this has been rather cathartic... Might have to keep this up.


My Welcome Week



Well, so far so good. It seems weird not living on campus to be honest and, with such a diverse range of people moving from far afield to study at Sussex, it's strange not have the worry of accomodation to cope with. A nice strange though, selfishly. After spending my first day drinking what appeared to be only useful for steralising an open-wound, I was virtually comatose after supping on only-one of East Slope Bar's ciders. Give one a shot (no, actually, do not shot this) if you are feeling studenty. Being able to get 4 for £10 (enough to last you well into the small hours judging by their rapier-like strength) is a bargain.

Bought myself a red Sussex Uni hoody today for the rather agreeable price of £19.00, I think, from the USSU shop. Bit too hot to wear it really but I'm determined to get into the spirit of things. Living in Worthing, it would be easy for me to feel out-of-touch with campus life but this isn't the case. Only 36 hours in, I feel like I've been an undergraduate for the majority of my life but without any bad times at all.

Having worked for a massive corporation for two years prior to joining Sussex, I felt I would stick out like a sore thumb and not fit-in with the student comaraderie. How wrong I was... this is probably the only time in my life that over 13 complete strangers will speak with each other about totally random things in a public place. Unless you count back-alley dating clubs, natually.

My first protest/mission is to get Falmer Bar to start making fish fingers sandwiches. Not only do these provide (as far as I'm concerned) excellent nutritional value, but they also soak up vast quantities of alcohol (a haddocky sponge, if you will). If you wish to join me... well, why wouldn't you?... raise your voice for Bird's Eye!


All settled in... more or less.



Wow! The past couple of days have gone so fast! I'm loving it though...

Yesterday (28th September) was really good... I have the opportunity to meet people off my course and my lecturers! I'm also getting to know the campus a lot more which is helpful. After our welcome meeting in the lecture theatre it was time to go and get my university ID card! Its so official, I’m officially a student of the University of Sussex! How cool is that!?

I also went to a social event later on in the evening and was able to meet more people who were on my course! I have met some lovely people so far and spent time with them today chilling on the grass talking about random stuff! It’s great to get to know people who I have so much in common with. 

That evening I headed over to Mandela Hall with some of the people from the flat below and some people on the same course as myself for the Laid back and Latte event. I was in two minds whether to go or not… I felt tired and needed sleep, however saying that I’m so glad I went it was awesome! I loved every minute of it, Sliff Richard was definitely a highlight for us all! I loved the musicians and the poets completely blew me away, the poetry was relevant and completely amazing to watch. The last singer I thought was sensational, her songs were beautiful, and the fact that she had written them herself made her performance even more impressive! Her cover of ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings of Leon, one of my favorite songs was fab!

After the event, we headed back to the house for a small gathering with fellow flat mates, we had a few drinks here and there… it was an awesome and very late night!

Today (29th) was really fun. I went to a session about ICT at the University and had a library induction which was very helpful. In between courses I sat with some fellow students on the lawns by Bramber House and we chilled out for an hour or so. This was really good, I managed to get to know more people and make more friends!

However, I’m really looking forward to tonight… the Pub crawl! How awesome!? Although I do believe this won’t be any normal pub crawl, I think it will be bigger and better than ever! I am soooooooooooo looking forward to it!

I think I'm getting the hang of this 'people' thing...



Another day with the door open. Lots of friendly nodding as people pass has evolved into short chats and even conversations with meaning in them. Somewhere.

I'm living with these people, so it was bound to come eventually. 4 days though? Quite a feat but I suppose that's Uni.

I'm sure my thousands of avid readers are all wondering why this post is so late in the day. I'm usually a morning blogger, it's true but today I was busy and tired.

The busy is easy to explain, since I came to Uni to learn (a concept I only found out about a few months ago) and today was induction to what I will be learning for the next 3 years. So that was my tuesday.

But the tired? Either I didn't sleep well, or I was up late. I know what you're thinking 'It must be the beds, causing a bad night sleep' but no! I was up well past my bed time last night talking and drinking my usual mix of apple juice and water.

It all started with Laid back and Latte which was, simply put, an amazing event and one I'm very glad my housemates dragged me too. £5 entry was well worth it and the extra fiver for The Beautiful Word's album was a snatch, as they were brilliant. (as were all the other performers, poetry's never made me listen before, but the two last night were engrosingly aweinspiring.)

'but', cry all those who were in the packed Mandela Hall, 'Laid Back and Latte finished at 10! That's not late!' and that is true. But I think i've previously mentioned how the hall outside my room is a hotspot for drinking games and in the high spirits of the evening more broke out.

And so, I put on some Girl's Aloud Kings of Leon on my Super Speakers and sat out for the games making even more friends than I had the night before. Before I knew it, it was Tuesday already and I pottered off to bed with less than 6 hours before my alarm was set.

But I don't mind. I had a great evening and I think I'm getting into this People thing...

Dangerous thinking there, but hell, i'm livin' on the edge.

'My Welcome Week' - 4 days in.



So, it's midweek, 4 days in, freshers isn't quite so fresh. I don't mean that in an unfavourable way, rather, it's ripening. Yeah, that's a fairer description.

After being dropped in an ocean of new faces, like a stone tossed into a lake, the waves fading away into calmer waters, the initial hysteria of the week has dissipated, but not totally. It is replaced by something different, something better, the buzz of belonging, the discovery of new friends rising out of the - back of the mind - fear of loneliness and rejection some feel prior to arrival, you know its unlikely to happen, but you scare yourself with it nevertheless. What if no one likes you? Well, fear not, you'd be hard pressed to find any fresher who doesn't want to know your name. The first few days, the campus has an inherent thirst to know anyone and everyone. Yes, you'll meet a lot of people you may never meet again, just passing acquaintences, but a few (maybe more than a few) will stick and any fears you had are vanquished.

To recap on the week so far:

Day 1 was a bit of a shock to the system, nothing you wouldn't expect though, it's rather a lot to take in and adjust to in a relatively short space of time. Moving in with 5 new people (for me at least, others up to 11 so I gather). In anywhere other than university the concept of moving in with 5 complete strangers, with whom you were about to spend a year with, would seem quite daunting, so understandably the first few hours were laced with a certain measure of trepidation. But it was needless concern as everyone in our flat is brilliant, everyone seems to have the right balance of sociability and mutual respect for each other. Colourful characters, with each bringing something different to the table. After much socialising in the flat, then at various neighbours around east slope, we hit the hay in the early hours of sunday morning.

As a curious side-note, we discovered that we had acquired a traffic cone in our kitchen, with a grinning face adorning the side. It was later dubbed companion cone and it would stay with us for 4 long days until vanishing, perhaps taken back surrepticiously by the people who left it there to begin with.


Day 2 followed on much as the first day had ended. After a nights stay under our belt everyone felt a little more comfortable, it wasn't quite so alien. You start picking up on the personalities, habits and mannerisms of your fellow flatmates, with them all hailing from different places and cultures. Whether it be north, south, city or rural, we all seemed to get on fine.

As another less curious, more 'WOAH!' sidenote. I found a £50 note - crazy huh, it was red and all, almost mistook it for monopoly money - on the floor in one of the student stores. After I few seconds contemplation I figured it would have some serious karma repercussions if I kept it, the hope that whoever lost it would look back at the store, it was handed in to the cashier... I just hoped that he had the same moral fortitude and didn't just pocket it himself...but hey, his problem eh, karma police'll get him if he did.

A night at the east slope bar proved fascinating, learning some polish from a wonderfully friendly and articulate polish student, Nas strenya!! (sp?) Cheers!!


Day 3, ID cards! Having been up all night, the flat collectively staggered to the collection point at around 11 AM. This was in aid of having the loans authorised and put through by Thursday of the first week, rather than waiting an indefinate amount of time living on a shoestring. This, collecting ID cards before a certain time, was the gimmick they used to entice everyone to pick them up early and by the number of people there, it worked.

For some, an induction talk was scheduled in the afternoon, introducing the course; the staff; the library and your various support and resources available. While it was titled after your course name, as an induction to it, there was very little content about your course in the talk, but it was reasonably helpful, it seemed to have more the purpose of easing students into the lecture way of life, which is fine and it was not an uncomfortable 50 minutes with some useful FAQ's about the USSU and library.

Laid back and latte had such and warm but intense atmosphere, some of the acts were unlike anything I'd witnessed before, events like that are definately worth a drop by. Music, prose and poetry, delivered with such emotion, c'est fantastique! A tour de force performance from Spliff Richards made the night for me, just breathtaking, as he said himself, a mouth like a machine gun - and just as deadly.


Day 4, Tuesday saw the next level of inductions, this time talking over the syllabus for the year with the head of school. This was followed by a short break in the sun outside, with some new friends from the course, before returning to be allocated to our academic advisors. We were siphoned off in our small groups (5 in ours) to our advisors office where, fortuitously, we found that our advisor was the author of one of our core text books. So help is close at hand if ever it's needed.


So....that's the first part of the week done, on to wednesday and freshers fair!

My Welcome Week



u⋅ni⋅ver⋅si⋅ty [yoo-nuh-vur-si-tee] An institution to have the best time of your life, ‘party hardy’ (not actually a direct quote, just a phrase that makes me smile) and occasionally study a subject of interest.

I arrived the Saturday around midday. I’d heard great things about Sussex...mainly from one person since I’d not met anyone else who went there but they displayed enough enthusiasm to get me excited. I was eagerly welcomed by a great number of people representing Sussex which was great fun...I never got this kind of attention at home. However, my high feeling of self worth quickly dampened when I saw the girl arriving shortly after me getting the same attention. I felt like I did when I saw a popup on the internet telling me I’m the 1,000,000th person to click on that page only to see that their lovely message promising great rewards was all just a con! And to think I thought the Sussex reps were genuinely desperate to be my friend...

Fortunately my flat, which can only be described as ‘epic’ (unless you have a thesaurus) was enough to make me feel better. Stanmer court supplied me with a bigger room than I have at home and a kitchen/dining area/lounge that would be fit for a king...well maybe one from a smaller country.

The whole making friends thing has never been fun for me, I feel like people are auditioning me and sometimes I’ll get a call back but it’s too lengthy a process for me. I get impatient and want to jump to the big questions and really find out if we’d be compatible friends. I’m not going to change my interest in you based on how you answer what your favourite food or colour is. It’s safe to say that as long as you don’t eat crayons or blood then I’ll be your friend. I was assured that everyone at university is in the same boat as me and I should just be myself which is interesting advice but kind of irrelevant as it’s pretty hard not to be yourself. I’ve yet to find that I’m my next door neighbour or Celine Dion when introducing myself to new people.

One thing that I have noticed and enjoy is that Sussex has a huge range of people. It’s always a fear that you’ll be the only outsider but there are people of all ages, races, backgrounds, etc. I have found that Sussex University really does give you the opportunity to open your mind to many cultures that you may not have previously been exposed to. So in that sense, everyone is an outsider. I THINK that’s a good thing...

My first event took place on the Saturday night at East slope bar and while I managed to completely forget every name I was told, stub my toe on the back of my other foot (Impressive, I know), accidently stand in the girl’s toilet queue and step on numerous feet unintentionally, I had a good night. As a non-drinker, it is common to feel very isolated and uninvolved in bars but everyone was very friendly and I never felt like my lack of drinking was an issue with anyone.

After a lazy Sunday, Monday evening came around with Laid back and latte which sounded good as I like laying back...I’m not so bothered about the latte but the laying back made up for it. I was expecting the music and poetry to be self indulgent and pretentious because that’s what students excel at BUT I have to say the performances were really good. The blonde girl on the piano (not certain that’s her exact name) at the end was brilliant and I was very tempted to buy her CD before I realised I have barely any money so I just clapped a tiny bit harder.

From my experience, my attention span starts to wane around about the seventh paragraph when reading so I’ll be a little more to the point from now on! If not for you, then for me when I proof read this.

Wednesday was my busiest day as I had a library induction and interesting speech from the Vice Chancellor. I also went to the Fresher fair, I managed to join a few societies and most importantly get plenty of sweets and cakes. There was lots of smiling which I found nice...I think I signed up to a few societies purely because I felt bad saying no to such lovely people.

Then came my favourite event of the week! The pier party! This was my first time in Brighton since arriving and it’s certainly different to where I used to live. Where I come from, a few people out past 11pm would make the local newspaper but this place was so alive. People of all ages were around and everything was so relaxed that it never bothered me that I didn’t really know where I was. From rides that give you a good view out to the sea, side stalls that had everyone racing sharks (or dolphins. If I had a complaint, it’d be the artwork could do with some work...) and playing guitar hero with people you don’t know anywhere near enough to let them see your focused ‘I will not let a game beat me!’ face.

I end this blog a few hours before I head to the barn dance tonight. It sounded like such a good idea at the time but I’ve become horribly aware that I can’t dance or eat pies so I might pull the old ‘I hurt my leg, I can’t dance!’ trick.

Sussex has pleasantly surprised me, I was convinced I’d have been thrown out by now for my social ineptness and use of dated phrases such as ‘party hardy’ but there seems to be such a wide range of people. However, most impressive has been the organisation. I can’t imagine the effort there must have been put in to bring this whole fresher week to fruition...possibly a deal with the devil.

It’s definitely been an experience and it has me excited for the future so wish me the best and I’ll wish you the best.


I'm loving Uni! Good times!



The pub crawl was completely awesome! The atmosphere was great; we started out by getting onto a bus and headed for Brighton! I loved moving round the pubs, it allowed us to drink a lot and see the range of pubs in Brighton! After a couple, more like several drinks we headed for the clubs on Brighton seafront! I loved the FUNKY BUDDHA and Life! They are definitely two on the list I would visit again! We enjoyed our free shots in the clubs before heading back to the bus stop, making a detour to the chip shop beforehand! It was all thanks to the reps… they made the night successful! I had a fab time and would love to do it again! J

The next day, (Wednesday 26th) was the day I had been looking forward to, the Welcome fair. I really wanted to joins societies that tied in with my course and also sign up for things that were new to me. What a day though? I can’t believe how many times I wrote my name down… there were so many to chose from! I wanted to do them all! However, I later realized it wouldn’t be possible to play hockey whilst trying to canoe, perform a cheerleading dance, audition for the musical, hitchhike to morocco and try and debate in the modern UN group whilst also trying to complete a degree! Somehow, that wasn’t going to happen so I had to number it down to a couple… that was the hard part! So, along with my newly made friend we decided to head over to the East slope bar for lunch.  After a lovely dinner and much deliberation, I decided to go for the Model UN and the hitchhike group.

That night, we set out for the Pier Party! I was really looking forward to going on the Pier, as had never been on it before! Its massive and the views are incredible at night, it looks so pretty when all the lights are on! We headed to the pub and they used our free sideshow voucher and the free ride. I was adamant that I was not going on the rollercoaster but was forced to in the end by friends and am thankful to say it wasn’t that bad!  So all in all, another fab night in Brighton!

I’m loving this week and I don’t want it to end! I’m looking forward to the Fireworks on Friday and the Fresher’s festival on Saturday! I can’t wait! I love Sussex Uni and am going to get my Sussex hoody tomorrow! Good times indeed!  

These blog things are getting more rare.



And that would be because I spend more time away from my computer.


Almost finished Freshers week now and I feel like I've been in this flat for months. I feel like i'm at home and i'll be more than happy to spend a year here, especially with the people who are in the flat with me. I reckon I'll be able to remember their names by the end of October.

It's because of these people I'm not doing daily blogs (which was my plan, but my plan included alot more hiding and fear...) as they ask me out and I have a good time.

An odd idea that, having a good time with people. An odd idea that isn't actually a bad one.

My door is still held open but the awkward waves have evolved into open conversations, and the 4 seperate rooms have turned into a gathering place, not just for the 12 lovely souls in our house, but for anyone else who happens to want to pop by.

The idea of which would usually scare me enough to make me hide in my cupboard for a hour or two, but after this week, I'm happy to introduce myself to a complete stranger. Or start a conversation with that person I met 4 days ago whose name is just on the tip of my tounge, but not in my brain anywhere. I still can't remember it.

If this is the sort of change that Sussex's Week 0 has caused in me, I'm worried about what i'll be like by christmas.

Scrap that, actually. I'm not worried at all. If I follow the trend I'll be a better person. If that's possible.


Rereading this, I've just noticed 'having a good time with people' is kinda... Well, you can make you own euphemisms, as if you didn't already.

It's past my bed time, but I'm still up.



Today the first invasion of Homesickness struck. And it got me a bit down, as it would. And, I suppose, this is as good a place as any to unwind as I think this is a sign that Fresher's is ending and I have actually left my old home and started to, finally, grow up.

The reasons for my homesickness is easily explained. Monday is my Birthday (Remember, Remember the Fifth of October...) and today I got my first card. It was home made by my girlfriend of 2 and a half years and it was absolutly, gut wrenchingly amazing. It was worth staring at for a good long time, just to let the emotions slowly edge forward out of my eyes.

That's good enough to spark a small amount of homesickness, as I'm sure lots of you are aware if you've started putting up photos of your pre-sussex life, but this card was hand delivered.

I had a brilliant day with my girlfriend (how can you not in brighton?) and I'm really glad she came down to see me. But why, oh why, did she have to leave?

That's rhetorical, I know why.

That's why I got homesick. The though of not being able to see her, or my parents, or my old friends, or even my brother every day is one that makes me want to lock my door and talk to noone.

But if you've read my other blogs, you'll know my housemates wouldn't allow that. They sat in the hall outside my room and they invited me out. And we laughed, and talked and conversed and you know what? The homesickness began to evaporate and do you know why? I began to realise (for the second time) that Park Village is my home for the next year and all my wonderful housemates are my new family.

Yeah, I'll miss all those back home alot but I know that in this house I'll always be welcome.

I can even remember their names.


How I knew I should come to England....




I had a thought...a 'flash back' in came to me on Thursday (the day of the Pier Festival in's not much about now and here,but it's the initial path which let me and made me understand my wildest come back to Brighton and seek for my unanswered questions!!!


When I was younger or even little I had a peculiar dream...I was in an 'ever'-green forest (assosiating with the famous druid forest of the druids hiding place from my favourite Camelot story movie Merlin,by BBC) and in the middle there was an old woman who was calling for me so loud...I walked and walked towards her,as I was stretching my hand I couldn't reach her,but at last she came to me....She spoke in a mystic low voice saying:

"Hello,Catrin,I'm the sorceress you were so longing to see.I know it may seem strange to you,but I'm here to reveal your destiny,cause that is what you deserve,you need a guiding light" (regarding the popular saying "With a guiding light,all teritories can be coquered,all dreams fullfiled and no way can be lost...never")

Then she began her story,starting at the point at which I was born,she reviewed all event from the past that had really happened to me and then she continued to explain my role in live.

(I don't remember exactly what she said/showed me cause this was like more than 6 years ago,I do believe I've found my way with English Literature and Sussex Uni,though,I really loved it here)

(**Note - it's not that I don't miss home - Bulgaria - my frs and family and stuff but I really really like here is my real know...the people are so kind and lovely...mostly the Stanmer Court guys from block B,a special greeting to them *hugs* far as I've seen from the induction week the tutors and teachers are real professionals and very nice also....and Brighton center is just amazing...this summer and party atmosphere that goes all seasons round....I think there's nothing like it anywhere in the world!!! I've travelled a lot!!!)

( And the Students Union USSU does a really great job with Freshers' fortnight!!! I'm just loving it,though I don't always have the time to go out upon all occassions! I was amazed by the Laid back & Latte thing and I just fell in love with the bands playing and I was bestowed by the poetry that people put so much effort into composing...cause you know,as a writing person myself I do believe poetry should and must come from the inside of your soul at all times...It's not an easy thing to do,nor a joke by its inital nature!)

(### Well,I thing that's my understanding for my role in live up until now...I'm still 19-years'-old after all...and I do trust in another popular Old-English-ways' saying....."No young person,no matter how great can know his destiny,he cannot see his path into the great story that's ahead of him/her,like everybody else in the whole wild world he/she must live and learn" ~~~ as something very very familiar was said by the reader in my fav movie Merlin,by BBC,season 1,episode 1,year 2008/2009 ~~~ So,one of the reasons I'm here,in Sussex is to find my own way and answers... ###)

After that,out of nowhere,the forest faded away and on its place appeared a huge building which later turned out to be my high school.

By the time I had this dream I had never heard about my high school ( the same English one I'm refering to late on in my post),I never knew it exsisted...

But enough about the pre-history and unimportant information...The dream was kind of clairvoyant (*note* I got completely persuaded on the freshers' festival day when I saw the same places that where in my dream) because this old lady showed me everything,each and every single event of my life...including how I should go to England and do my best to strive for achieving it... ( that's about how I chose my course *English Literature* )

The strange thing was I had never believed in such stories until I came to Brighton in 2007.I met a guy called Alexander here,who turned out to be studying in my High school back in Sofia,Bulgaria (yeah,I'm Bulgarian and I used to study in an English school which organised seminars in most of Southern UK)

We had a great time together under the sunny sky,laughed,walked on the beach and made henna tatoos... (I wish I could attach some pics here but I don't have them on my current PC,yeah,I know,too bad,isn't it) that's when I knew I'm in love with England and Brighton...That's when I knew the dream I had was clairvoyant....That's when I saw my path was all about me coming here and following my believes and pursuits...

So when I wa lked on the same path again on Thursday...I almost cried...because I knew my place is here...and as I watched the crowd at the railway station....I was siting by just watching....I felt like I fit in completely,like that's the only place I should and could ever feel like home!


All reference are owned by their production party,no infringing and abuse intended!

BBC One holds all copyrights of the Merlin series production,and as it follows all other quotes I've paraphrased to the best of my powers so that they can preserve their meanings but not be infringing!

^^^^^ Another note...^^^^^ I have made my piece a bit different from the common expectations...I've used an editing technique of my own...I have no idea if it's okay,but I'll tell my after all,you're the judging party!

How I fell in love with Brighton and one English guy.... ^-^




That's my second blog post as you can see...It's all about how much I love the UK,Sussex Uni and Brighton!


I even managed to fall in love...yeap..that's true! But it's very very hush-hush,so nobody knows...except my bbf who lives in Birmingham :P No,don't have any expectations....I won't tell you...never! Well,not never but not until I find out if the guy likes me or not :P.....No,don't give me the puppy eyes look...I won't even tell you WHO he is....not even a single thing...not his age,not his occupance,not even if he's from sussex/brighton or somewhere else....Well,I sure can give you one tip...he IS English,yes,that's for sure...we're in the UK after all...hahaha...he's got the goo--d...wait....the GREAT looks and the sweetest voice.........No,I'm still not saying a mouth is shut until I got some vibe from him....I might,I might not....only time will tell....

So,let's proceed to the most important part....and what's that?....Well,yes,of course,you guessed from the first try!

Now I'm gonna tell you why you're here wasting your time reading my-so-called-type-of-midnight-diary and why I am here not 6 in the morning..AGAIN!!!! (rofl)


Well,that's why I'm here 'wasting' MY time...To explain to all of you (both known and unknown nice ppl of Sussex Uni how I feel being in the UK....ooopsss..I almost should have wrote another United-thing :D but don't mind that,it's not a Kingdom,so it doesn't matter....huh? I'm talking nonsense again...okay,okay,I can hear you,I'll stop this instant *mute*......

Well,I AM stopping but only with the nonsense no with the blog entry thing...cause I'm running after a dead-line...I'm on the clock here ppl!!! That's why I'm still not off to bed!!! The main reason...Well,apart from the freshers' sickness which seems to have gotten everybody ill these last 2-3 days...don't worry m8z,you'll be okay tomorrow...or if not tomorrow,that on Monday...the first early morning lecture will freshen you up....hahhahaha...funny,right....Yeah,there's no pain in traing to make thin jokes...So,hear it goes.... (Later on I'll tell you more about the symptoms of the pandemic 'freshers' sickness' (rofl)......)

So,in one of my sleep-less nights...I think it was on the 2nd of October but I'm not in Sussex Uni,it's so nice and pleasant that I can lose count of days (sry guys,it's just the way I am).....So,anyways,I'm REALLY stopping with the stupid talk...and I'm starting with the GOOOOD part :P....I define it as good...because it's the one and the best experience.....and maybe even the best of the bestest!!!

So,here it is one and only single,first version of.......Catrin Jane Fontenay's Camelot poem (***note*** I love Camelot!!! As how you've noticed on my previous post,that's one of the reasons I enrolled for English Lit course....and about the name's a though one...maybe I'll explain it my next post ^~~ I've got only 3 minutes to explain sung in a popular hip-hop song...well,it's not three minutes but about a day...which is still not enough for me to capture and save all my memories and experience and of course it's but far far far furthest insufficent to 'send' you successgully all this information in only about 3 pieces...and I'm not trying to do that...The only thing I know and want YOU to know...all of YOU NICEst BESTEST UK ppl is that I'm so so so so...a million,billion,quadrillion (is there such a word,or I'm simply getting crazy and making it up from all that HUUUGE excitement....??!!! *confused smile*) times deeply,desperately,divinly,devotingly in love with my new Uni,my new "home sweet home" and my new WONDERFUL,amazing,smart,beautiful,funny,intelligent,cool,party-souled (another word I made up...oh,my Gosh....*don't be mad at me about that...cause the excitement is really too much for me to take :P * ) m8z from Stanmer Court,Park Village and hm...I think there's someone from East Slope.... :))) I love you guys!!!! *kisses*

Ok,well,I'm stopping with the congrats cause you'll get bored with such a long thing...oh,my gosh! I think I'll divide it in parts...yaiksss!!!! it's too much to read!!! Seriously!

Guys...hello~....can you hear me??? Oh,pls don't tell me you're already asleep from my possibly-awful-blog-entry....oh,no,what am I gonna do know *crying face* *panic at 100 degrees*

Okay,ppl,that was one of my joke attempts once more....(*I'm trying to play different roles,not only in projects that I make but in life sometimes if it's possible of course,I don't mean to play the 'brag-about-all-the-time-or-be -a-total-loser/coolest-person kind of girl....It's just that I love drama...DRAMA>>>DRAMA....*sry for the caps lock...I just got excited again...***)but seriously I am dividing this in parts....

Cause,as I said I want you to be part of my BESTEST experience here in UNI :))

So,the pink thing's gonna be Part 1,the blue thing's Part 2 and so on...I'll keep changing the colour for the next part....leis

How I fell in love....(Part 2)




So,ppl,here's the 2 part...I hope you'll like it...Here is my poem,guys...remember? About the ENGLISH guy I fell in love,sit tight,if you've just got up sit/lack back and just read...if you want to,of course,if not,just go grab a cup of coffee and just pretend you've read all the's your choice,it's my feeling ;)


***I'm sharing really personal info here,so pls if you're rly going to read least don't laugh :))) That's rly important since it's intimate***

I'll put just the extract of my diary straight away as they are....Here it goes...ppl...


That's a Camelot storyline poem.I do not own any copyright and names related to any kind of broadcast production.There are the one and single property of the third party who produced them.

To the assessment cometee...If you find that any of my post/content is or may be considered an offense to someone or of someking feel free to edit it and/or remove it.Thank you for your all of you!


Your eyelids as flawless as seashells

drift away ashore by chance,

and seem so in touch with your inner self

it makes them the perfect nature dance.

Eyelashes as mystic as the tidal waves

long,refined like a burning ember,

when closed make my deepest crave*

when open recall of crystal december.


Nose - an Ancient pillar** of admiration

on its greates peak - Olympus mount***,

awaiting Aphrodite's love declaration

for Eden woeing cannot be taunt****.

His cheeks - Odin's pink rose hills^

his lips - Edna's burning red core,

both bringing such intense thrills

in my heart creating flames still sore.


His eyes - the hazel diamonds of the East

his skin exciting bright brown and peach cream,

twinkling on and off at a night star feast

obliterate the wildest woman's dream.


His hair - Lancelot's majestic locks

his voice - Shallot's royal cheer,

a knight's pride in how he walks

he's more of a prince than of a squeer^^.



This man will shatter every glass

with the looks of Arthur's youth,

Camelot will rise once more at last,

with the Queen of fair truth~.


02nd Oct 2009
Sussex Uni.

5.40 a.m. (OMG?!)

That's like the coolest thing I've done up to now...
And who's "responsible"..... (* that's the reference to the poem*)(pls read if u're interested in my work)

1). "My" special one....well,he's still not mine,but I hope he'll make any notice of my affections very soon :)
2). OMG "&O!#@.%^" (that's his name...I've told you already I'm not telling you who he is...haha)

you've got the whole credit and you're the one to blame!

3) All the English Lit books I've read through my live....all the music I've listen to...all the movies I've watched....

4) And I owe it all to....the WONDERLAND UK....and the most beautiful memories it gives me and I hope will continue to do so....



P.S. Mates,that's all for now,see you later...I need to get some sleep though...I have been to bed all night...yeah,I know...I sound awfully stupid...but probably most of you doing the same or similar course will understand that creativity and inspiration doesn't come when you wish them to,they just strike you likea brightest lightening from a clear UK sky....So,thanx for watching/reading/apprehensing and other stuff :P

Bye,Bye,see ya soon,I do intend to post a bit more if there's time :))))


Discovering Sussex & beyond!



I can’t believe that I have been here over a week! Where did the time go? I have loved every minute of it!

Thursday proved to be a busy day! I went for my Development studies induction, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I got the opportunity to meet more people on my course and get to know those who I had already met! I’m really glad I picked my joint degree and the course looks amazing! My only problem was the books and study packs I had to purchase later that day, I don’t mind reading or studying but my problem is having to carry 4 massive books when I’m only just about 5ft tall! Bad times! I think I need to use my suitcase to carry them to lectures! Later that day I went, along with some others to the open language course meeting. I am really interested in taking up a language and getting the most out of my time as Sussex.

That night, I stopped in for a while; I had had the minor version of the legendary fresher’s flu! Very bad times indeed! However, my housemates were throwing a small gathering and I decided to pop down for an hour or so, saying that it turned out to be 4 hours or so and we ended up at a party in the woods! It was a good laugh and even though I was feeling ill, I had an awesome time, and again got to meet new people from Kent house!

Friday, what a day! I finally managed to get my gym membership! I can’t wait to start going, I enjoy going to the gym, my only problem is the hill you have to climb on the way, and surely that is a workout in itself! J I went on a walk with fellow students from development studies. We went to visit the Earth building at Stanmer, about 30 minutes walk away. I loved the walk, it took us through the country to a lovely little village. The purpose of the walk was to see the building and the environmental aspects it had as well as meeting up with fellow students and tutors. The weather was perfect, the sun shining and not a cloud in sight! I would certainly go again, it was a nice few hours out.

That evening, I headed out to the fireworks and BBQ, although I didn’t go in time to get any BBQ, the fireworks were great and a brilliant end to a fantastic week here at Sussex.

Saturday, I headed over to the festival with some friends. We had our face painted and wondered around the site for a while. Later on we sat on the grass and ate a picnic we had made! Good times!  We spent most of the day there, and even though the weather wasn’t great, we still had a fab time switching from arena to arena!

Today I ventured to Brighton to try and get my bearings of the city and what it had to offer. I didn’t know it would be possible to fall in love with a place so quickly. I have always wanted to live close to the sea and coming from the West Midlands to Sussex has made that possible. I began by hopping on a number 25 bus and getting off in the town. After a stroll around the centre I went down to the lanes. I loved it, they are so small and secretive, you never know what you are going to see around the corner. I then went to a lovely little café situated just outside the lanes and have a lovely cup of tea whilst reading over an article I had to do for preparation for a lecture tomorrow. I’m so excited to start the course, although a little nervous at the same time! I then went to my favourite spot of all, the beach. I went and sat for a good half an hour, I love the sea, I would of stayed there longer but the small issue of the weather made it too cold to sit there any longer!

I’m back at Kent House now, my new home! I am loving the University life here, it has exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to starting my course this week and partying some more with my newly made friends. We have the Fresher’s ball on Friday which everyone is excited for and I cannot wait! The week has been a brilliant start to my week, I look forward to all the fun and laughter that is o come of my life at Sussex! 

Saturday/Sunday, September 26th/27th



It's unlikely that I can recount my exact thoughts and feelings from my first couple of days here... I just remember that nothing physical about the campus was overwhelming, more just what it represented – a whole new chapter of change, somewhere I’d spend a great deal of the next three years of my life (“barring accidents”) – a highly unpredictable new variable... And just to add to the incipient chaos and confusion, that specific Saturday was my dad’s birthday; ergo a meal (a nice one) was to be had (sort of like the Vice Chancellor suggested in his speech only, when it came to the bill, kinda not. This evidently makes me a complete pikey, but actually in my family it’s just the way things are done... My younger sister’s not going to be ordered to cough up, I’m expected to conserve my funds so . . . Meh *shrug*. It was odd though, them leaving... Kind of like a sense of abandonment? Only with too much hugging for it to be anything like neglect. I think, if nothing else, the cat might miss my feeding him when my sister overlooks it in her mad rush for school...

 Anyway, not much later that evening I befriended some people from across the hall who were evacuating a huge FO spider (as you do – and heck knows I would o.O) and we had our First Official Student-at-Uni drinks and decided it would be immense fun to break out a game of Twister and we did and I think I won (but then, I was operating the spinner fro half of it...) yeah. I think the world needs more Twister buddies J

So Sunday I wake up with my room still mostly a tip from unloading the car the previous day (although packing it before-hand, my past Tetris obsession paid off I can tell you...) And the Obsessive/Compulsive Tidying Alarm! bells are ringing furiously in my head, so for the most part of the day there’s only one thing to do and that’s tidy and organise (and alphabetise my bookshelf) as well as pikey some cupboard space in the kitchen (where I later meet nearly all the rest of the flat...) Which was rather convenient as, realising quite how overstocked some of us were on food, my neighbour and I split some chicken and potato wedges [respectively] and the First Official Student Meal was subsequently made a considerably less daunting prospect...

Beyond tidying, I thought I’d check out the “Sunday Funday” dodgeball thing which is where I met my first NotFromSwanborough! People and made friends with a guy (who I’ll just call ‘J’). Our team wasn’t the greatest (pressed for a name I came up with ‘Pulp Ace Gilmore’ – a conglomeration of some of the teams favourite films) and we didn’t win Fresher’s Ball tickets, but it was great fun while it lasted :D

 I caught up with J again later in the evening at a ‘vent called ‘Unite’ at Falmer. Nutcase that I am I let him buy me my first ever shot of Tequila (the salt is a weird touch, the shot itself is foul, but never in my life have I so loved and appreciated a wedge of lemon!) At any rate, I survived (“What doesn’t kill you only makes you- drunker?”) and we migrated upstairs and caught some of the live band [The] ‘Transformers’ (who were not bad at all – there were synths and a trumpet and you could dance to it – what more could you want? Wonder if the lead guy’s name was Optimus Prime . . . ) When their set was over, we relocated again, only this time to a different part of Swanborough (not my building) and assembled not quite en masse with some others in a common room/kitchen I remember (no surprises) music being a prominent topic of conversation, but beyond that, God knows... I did, however, wind up talking to one person until about 4:30 in the morning (one of those conversations J) and [regardless of the fall-out on what is, at best, a sporadic sleep pattern anyway] felt very student-y.


Continue reading 'Saturday/Sunday, September 26th/27th'...

Monday, September 28th



Monday I remember very little about other than ‘Laid Back & Latte’ over at Falmer House in the evening... All the acts were excellent and there was a café (as the ‘vent’s name would suggest) and a cake sale or two and a pasta bar.... Très chic.

It has to be said, my favourite gig out of the lot was ‘The Beautiful Word’ (yeah, I got their CD along with the closing act soloist Elissa Franceschi’s [ß shameless free student advertising] but it was a really close call with the performance poets (I’d brought some of my own poetry along – initially under the misguided impression that there might be some open mic – and my stuff just seemed— archaic and tame in comparison! Seriously, theirs was like glorified rap, hurled

at you at a million mph which,

once you’ve got over your initial surprise

that you can just about keep up, you realise

actually has a message for you and heck,

the whole damn world

and if your mind weren’t still racing you just heard it.

[“You had to be there, man”].

·         Room Task [Completed] Today: Setting up t3h int3rw3bz

·         Feeble Attempts of a Picky Eater to be Healthy [FAoaPEtbH]: Banana :/

·         Plans Hatched for the Following Day: MadCrazy induction juggling; 1 x omelette*.




* Because not all plans make it :(

Tuesday, September 29th



So, just for the record, this day (and almost all the other days in this blog) are entries I’m actually writing/typing up retrospectively (for example, I’m writing this entry from the post-storm calm that is Saturday – how anybody functions at all in the hectic-ness that is Freshers Week I do not know...)

This was the day that there were various different subject inductions. AS it happens, I’d only just looked up the actually timetable not very-much earlier that morning. What might have been a good idea (apart from getting a little more sleep) was paying attention to the fact that, on paper, my academic soul is property of the Humanities department and therefore and therefore attending the English Induction-thing was A Silly Thing To Do (not least because they put the fear of God into me with the terrifying ramifications of NOT HANDING-IN ESSAYS ON TIME!!!! :o)

So, utterly perturbed and feeling very rushed for time, Round 2 (it sounds a lot more simple, typed out, than it actually felt at the time) was my flat’s kitchen meeting – the only useful thing to emerge from which, were:  learning that, indeed, the landing was one (international) tenant short of a proper house party; that the one person out of the current six I hadn’t yet met was someone called Charlotte and also what the very useful but hopefully never-to-be-needed Sussex Security number is from a non-emergency phone (e.g. mobile). Oh, and that also drugs and alcohol taken in excess are BAD (unlike the cookies and smoothie I offered round which were distinctly NOT).

Round 3 was best as it involved free food... Having had to miss the English social event, I made it over for the last half hour of the Philosophy Social in the Humanities café (where incidentally, I found myself again the next day after an IT induction session, and had an interesting breakfast poring over the ‘Philosophical Reasoning’ booklet I’d bought for my course before hitting the Freshers Fair...) Anyhow – new people were met, good food was had and wine was imbibed [appallingly] from plastic cups. Half an hour later we relocated to East Slope Bar and Philosophy got screwed over in favour of [more] alcohol and random chatting about film.

I got back later and caught up with CSI (the original season 1 re-run they’re doing on 5 at 2300) on, yes, the flat’s plasma, HD-ready (by the looks of it) TV. (ß That there’s generally the cue for  people from just about any other accommodation *coughparticularlyEastSlopecough* to start hurling rocks at me (or the TV at least)... I came to realise very quickly  that there’s this accommodation hierarchy and Swanborough is pretty damn fixed in its position up in the echelons of “Manor-equivalent” over which jealousy/resentment/(angry-mobs-of-non-Swanborough-tenants) seem to brew . . .

·         Room Task [Completed] Today: Wrote up any further induction-type-things to be attended on a whiteboard I brought with me. At insomniac hours of the morning I put a base coat on a Box for Putting Things In that needed cheering up...

·         FAoaPEtbH: Again, a mere banana :/

·         Plans Hatched for the Following Day: To attend the I.T. induction; Freshers Fair and perhaps Pier Party. 1 x scrambled.

Wednesday, September 30th



Dear USSU, the rainforest called it would like its 0.0005% back (which is kind of too bad, because at least 10% of that statistic is strewn across my floor and in bags in the various forms of flyers, leaflets, magazines, student papers....) yeah. It was Freshers Fair. All manner of groups and societies were signed up to, e-numbers and freebies hurled in our general direction – the Red Cross were on stand-by for anyone bleeding out from the inevitable amount of paper-cut injuries sustained from handling such a sheer quantity of paper...!

Having worked my way around the maze of stalls, I bought myself a last-second ticket for the ‘Party on the Pier’ and then went on a tour of some interactive Media/Arts space called inQbate (for which I was marginally late and proved ridiculously difficult to find... Seriously, Pevensey III? Here thar be [probably slightly radioactive from the MMRi facilities] dragons?!) The space was very white, very sci-fi and very expensive looking; but you could change the colours of the lights at the touch of a screen, project real-time action within the room straight onto the walls and most importantly there were giant white bean-bags. (So as a chill-out space it gets two thumbs up from me...)

 After that I went to a somewhat under-attended Tai-Chi demo (might still give it a go) and managed (again with great difficulty) to find the LGBTQ room! (It amuses me how rooms designated for “minority” use – black community, women’s room, LGBTQ – have seemingly all been allocated remote spaces in what feels almost like the attic of the Falmer House Buildings... All it wants is a few rusty birdcages and an Edwardian perambulator or two and we’ll be set up nicely for the part of “Spooky Attic Inhabitant(s)” in one of those gothic melodramas... But I digress).

After some drinks with a wonderfully engaged and enthused Debate Soc. Downstairs in the slightly more populated bar; I thought it time to hit the pier [and also experience the legendary lemon bus] and fulfil a not-quite-lifelong dream of mine (ever since I first visited Brighton) by going on THE CRAZY MOUSE ROLLERCOASTER!!! And I did (with complete strangers, one of whom was called Chris if I recall) and it spun and creaked alarmingly but was totally as tackily fun as I’d hoped ^^ Also that evening (despite that I could feel myself coming down with a cold) I went solo and braved the karaoke bar (‘Stuck in’t Middle’ by Stealers Wheel, since you ask) but it irks me with the speaker set-up that I can never tell if my voice is even remotely any good... But then, it’s karaoke, duh! It doesn’t have to!)

I failed abysmally at some side-stalls and then trailed off in search of that bizarre combination that is waffle + stick. The change from this proved most useful as, 30p and one go on a grab machine later I was a stuffed-toy cat the richer! It wasn’t even a crap soft toy either – it was actually really nice! And only 30p!! From a machine that’s virtually never meant to let you win ever!!! On my first. Go. ^^ So, the law of (in that particular instance) intensely slim probability working in my favour totally made my whole evening... (It’s probably worth pointing out in my defence at this stage: A. how easily amused I am [given conducive circumstances and temperament] and B. how inordinately much I love fluffy things [with the exceptions of weird insects/sea creatures, tarantulas and mould] ¬.¬).

·         Room Task [Completed] Today: Decorated Box for Putting Things In; Put up posters

·         FAoaPEtbH: Had smoothies and ate an apple. On a LEMON BUS - SACRILEGE!!! :O

·         Plans Hatched for the Following Day: Having gone to Dram/Soc meet, plan to check out auditions at some point. 1 x poached.

(The Rubber Ducky on the front is from the back of a card by a guy called Simon Drew ^.^)

Thursday, October 1st



I’ve succumbed to it at last. Some sort of strain of zombie virus that severely impairs one’s reflexes and general mobility, grossly distorts the voice and so deliriously affects one’s temperature that those great yellow things zooming past really do seem to be giant lemons and all the people embarking tiny pips and really campus is just one giant fruit bowl and . . . And now would probably be the time to brave that sump hole in the wardrobe where you stashed all that medical stuff you bought with you (and were subsequently convinced you wouldn’t need) and make a bid (Indiana Jones-style) to retrieve the remedies, vitamin supplements and throat sweets in a last-ditch, retroactive attempt to cast the fun-violating bastard of a virus out.

Of course, these things aren’t instant, so if you’re me; you’d probably have wazzoked off to your academic advisor’s meeting (after the official Joint-with-Literature Honours Induction and before the Sussex Language Institute meeting [see ‘Plans Hatched’]) and then maybe you’d have gone to the Freebies fair and shortly after, taken advantage of rhino-viralsexyvoice! and auditioned for the various plays Dram/Soc plan to put on and have INFECTED EVERYONE!!! (mwuahahahahaaaa*hackcoughsplutter*)


But not intentionally u.u

·         Room Task [Completed] Today: Pinned vital academic/societies info to notice board (it was looking very bare)

·         FAoaPEtbH: Banana on the way to Joint Honours Induction; Smoothie.

·         Plans Hatched for the Following Day: Go to fencing taster, investigate learning Japanese [as you do...]. 1x fried, sunny side up.


Friday, October 2nd



So of course, by now, the Fresher’s Flu party is in full swing with blatant disregard for its long-suffering host, my immune system... So I skipped a dance meeting I’d been contemplating (in favour of actually attending to personal hygiene and having some breakfast) and went along to an introductory fencing thing which was really good fun and surprisingly exerting (once you had the full kit on and were actually clear to attack each other!) Again, drinks were proposed afterwards (though I made a detour via the poster sale and got two wall prints by a guy I consider to be the Asian answer to Banksy, Ge Feng...) Sheerly in terms of the structure of the class and the people that turned up for the intro, fencing might easily become my favourite sport/art while I’m here . . .

Of course... It’s all “swings and roundabouts”. It’s no doubt late in the blog/day to bring it up, but on/off for the past five years or so I’ve grappled with what is essentially depression (it’d be interesting to know – if this comes anywhere close to winning and/or gets read at all – if the entries prior to this give it away in some form or other . . . ) Anyway, my plan for the evening was basically  Fireworks and then BBQ for food. I watched the fireworks (and took some pictures and video as seems to be mandatory on such occasions) but the queue for food was much too long..... This bit here à ties in with that good ole’ overarching conversation I mentioned (in the small hours of Monday morning) and concerns being stood in a veritable ocean of people and yet never having felt lonelier. (And just to add some irony, said person with whom this conversation was had was not even five feet away at the time...)

The fact that we have several years (now that we’re at the ultimate social Mecca that is university) to make friends and acquaintances and what-have-you is not the point; what seemed to be the point at the time was the apparently lamentable state of my social skills if, surrounded by a turn-out of, what? 85% of Freshers year, I was so inherently alienated as to be lonely. I’d get feelings like this before, in school and on the whole would run away from them, whatever the problem was – usually by going in search of catharsis; which in this case – as then – meant hunting for a piano... (Of course, all the practice rooms were locked and at the time the Debate Chamber – it has two – was occupied...) A long and otherwise boring story short , I returned to the Debate Chamber later (having found some free food along the way – there’s a not-so-great piano in the Meeting House and Christian Union was running some kind of free “International Café”?) and despite the pianos being really rather crap [respectively either dead pedals and a missing F# or a grievously warped bass C/D – and not forgetting a general lack of tuning of either...] it helped. Vaguely. Helped put everything ‘on hold’ at the very least . . . After getting kicked out (building was being closed) I went back ‘home’, read a bit (alas – letting down the literary side – nothing profound, just a modern day “Sensationalist”-style novel by a guy called Mark Gatiss ) until I became too tired and then slept.

·         Room Task [Completed] Today: Replaced posters on wardrobe that I’d originally brought with me with new ones from sale.

·         FAoaPEtbH: Ran out of fruit but grabbed an apple from the CU thing for whenever...

·         Plans Hatched for the Following Day: 1x fried, sunny side down.





So, despite my mentality going miserably down hill on Friday and having slept for most of Saturday, here I am on Sunday, typing up the last of all this . . . I have survived the prolonged confusion and drawn-out strangeness that is Freshers Week. I think I’m just about coming out the other side of the Cold of Evilness and we certainly aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto. Arguably the best years of my life start here (it’s what everyone keeps saying) but to follow one cliché with another: only time will tell (“and we’re not in the subjunctive either. It is going to happen”*).


* The History Boys - Alan Bennett

My First Day At Sussex



Leaving is tough, moving is tough, long drives are tough and heavy lifting is very tough, the 26th of September was all these things.  Leaving London held a lot of emotions for me, predominately annoyance caused by traffic, the Sat Nav and the Elvis Mix CD my mother insists must be played on every road trip. On arrival all I could think about was how the campus looked exactly like the Prospectus; the sky was blue, the hills were green and parades of attractive people wearing Sussex hoodies were smiling endlessly, I must admit it was rather intimidating.

Much in the style of the list laden paragraph above, my first encounters with my Norwich House neighbours was characterised by me constantly rambling. After having all sheepishly set up our rooms we met at the kitchen where we hid behind pleasant smiles. Once again I was overcome with a sense of awkwardness, fortunately a few conversations and borrowed tea bags later, trust and common ground had been established.


My Welcome Week



Heathrow Airport

I arrived at London Heathrow Airport with two bags bigger than me and a backpack that weighed about a third of my petite body. After taking a short detour and holiday in Derby (in the Midlands) I trekked toward Falmer, Brighton to begin a semester of studying Sociology at The University of Sussex (US).

As I was sitting on the train en route university I looked out the window and saw a young man being hugged by a girl wearing a bright blue tee that boldly stated her affiliation with Sussex Uni. As the girl helped him get a piece of luggage onto the train he said thanks through a heavy foreign accent; I felt a tingle that’s difficult to explain. It was abundantly clear that arrangements had been made so that we (long distance travelers) would feel at ease with the unfamiliar system. When I arrived in Brighton there was a young guy named Mitch who directed a couple of us to the right area for transport, but it was only after asking us our names, area of study, and offering a warm welcome. I remember feeling tremendously anxious as I stood on the train to Falmer, but again when I stepped onto the platform off of the train there was a cluster of people wearing those same Sussex University t-shirts. I exhaled and relaxed telling myself that ‘every little thing is gonna be alright’. The US students were all ready to direct me to the caravan that would take me not only onto campus, but almost to my doorstep. Another nice boy directed me to the Porters’ Office and then helped me carry my bags to my distant edge-of-campus dorm and to my third floor room; what a relief!

Welcome to the University of Sussex

When I arrived on campus I tried to remember the path we took and I felt totally overwhelmed by the tremendous size of the place. Boy was I wrong. After a day or so of walking the campus I realized that it only takes around 20 minutes to stroll from my remote end to the train station on the other. It’s funny how perspective changes when you’re in a new place and then have the chance to become familiar; things develop when you give yourself the opportunity to delve further and time to get comfortable.

Park Village - Home

I started to get settled in and, within a short time, met a many of my 11 flat-mates; we began to become buddies straight away. After the introductions and once the talking began I realized the potential for fantastic conversation. Many of us have stayed up chatting until the birds start chirping and the sun starts to come up. I don’t want to sleep! There have already been a few mornings where I’ve woken up (crusties in eyes) and have thought to myself, “Man, last night was fun but laaaaaate and I have so much to do!” I’m glad that I have 3 months to share and experience things together because it seems that there is an ever-growing list of things to talk about – there have been very few dull moments. The majority of people living in this building are a little bit older and are interested in stimulating conversation; I love it!

I didn’t know what to expect from US when I left the USA, but everything that I’ve encountered thus far has reached far above what I think I imagined. This week has been full of new and exciting, different and peculiar, strange, but wonderful things. I’ve ventured to a number of Brighton pubs; have learned that a lemon will not actually gain me free access to The Big Lemon; was exposed to and taught about the BNP and UAF; and have walked along the chilly pebble laden beachfront in Brighton and tried cheesy chips (yum!). I went grocery shopping at ASDA (European WalMart) with a new buddy from France; have discovered my new love for British kettles; and continue to be excited for the cultural things that are to come: I’m seeing Zero 7 this week!

They have WalMart too - ASDA

Every once in a while when I take a breather from all of the intense commotion of Fresher’s Week I realize that I miss people and things from home. I miss the familiarity of my home campus, Rutgers University. I miss the convenience of Wawa at 3 in the morning. It’s important to think about things from home. I’m certain that it’s good to remember where I’ve been and the things that have lead me to study abroad, but I don’t wish to be anywhere instead of here (even though my twin sized bed leaves me achy).

I've had wonderful experiences in Brighton : )

My report for the week: I’ve been sick with a cold since I arrived at US, but I think it’s helped me regulate the amount of crazy fun that I allow myself to have. I’ve enjoyed the warmth of the university and appreciate all of the hard work that was put into welcoming the nationals and internationals; it speaks volumes. Loudly. The culture shock hasn’t been all too shocking and I like that. The university makes a great melting pot. There’s plenty cookin’ and the ingredients are plentiful. Speaking of which, our cozy flat got together yesterday and made a Bolognese pasta dish. It’s not recommended that we be asked to recreate it because not unlike the many ingredients available in different races and creeds at US we used a plethora of ingredients - many of which are unknown to me.

My Welcome week,Sussex Uni



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Suxess at Sussex 1



Dear diary,

I am in a hurry because there's just two days left before the blog competition finishes. It means that hardly anyone will ever read you if I wait any longer. You know what that means, don't you? If I hesitated a little more, you wouldn't exist. No one would ever find out about my first impressions when I came to Brighton or Sussex Uni. No one - and I mean no one - would ever get to read about the Freshers Fair, the IT induction or the last-day-poster-sales. No one would ever - and I really mean that - become aware of what an undergraduate feels when he steps into the Bramber House and walks up to a girl at the desk, wearing midnight green t-shirt with that sign of the University of Sussex, and the girl asks the undergraduate his last name...

That's my last name she's asking for. I'm that undergraduate, who's walked through the misty and empty squares and roads of the University at 9am on Tuesday, Sept 29, who's stepped into the Bramber House, anxious to see millions of newcomers like myself but who instead has just found three confused freshers and a few chatting volunteers.

'Ivanov', I say to the girl.

She briefly brushes her fingers against some folders with the student cards and doesn't find mine in there. But it's ok, in a minute or so, another girl comes and takes me to a machine behind the desk and asks me my name again.

'Ivanov', I repeat.

So, she types in: 'Ave...'.

Noticing that, I say to her: 'No no, it's I-V-A...'.

She nods her head understandingly, apologies and corrects her first try into: 'R-V-E...'.

'No, the first letter is I, not R'. the end I get to type it myself.



Nice to meet you, call me Max :)

Suxess at Sussex 3



While the induction week is coming to an end, I think I need to sum up my first impressions about the Uni and the town. One of the first impressions was... well, I'm a Lithuanian and, well, it's was wonderful to know there's another Lithuanian in the school of Media.

Anyway, the following is a list of details that seem to build up into a full image of Sussex for me at the moment:

* Starlings

* Grass

* Poster sales

* Library computers - slow low low low low low low low

* Hyperactive people from Students Union

* Friendly tutors

* A lotta British students, which is good!

* A lotta reading lists, which is confusing

* One day it's cloudy, one day it's sunny

* Everybody lives on campus

* No food other than burgers and sandwiches

* A burger costs an hour in a queue plus £3,50

Brighton list:

* Logically, it's the same with clouds and sun

* Amazing seafront

* Starlings which won't let you eat burgers on the amazing seafront

* Endless pub crawls both by Brighton and by Sussex students

* Royal Pavilion - Brighton's very own Taj Mahal

* Little cosy shops

* Burger King's discount leaflets

* Bus stops that say '25 Universities - due'

* Primark bags

* 99p and Poundland stores (everything for a pound or less!)

* Sitting on the second floor of a doubledecker and not believing that the bus could actually fit in such a narrow street/turn

These lists could go on forever. Can you suggest anything you've experienced? Feel free to add it to the list.

So, back to my first impressions... WOOOOW! It's so wonderful that there's so much of them! Each of these little things in the lists has been new to me and I can either like them or not but I'm already in love with my first year at this University!

Suxess at Sussex 2



There's certainly some charm in the first visits to the University. But it all turns around when you have to get somewhere in particular.

The Legend of the Unknown Building

During the introductory lecture at the Chichester Lecture Theatre (I guess that's what it's called) which was basically about who's who in our wonderful School of Film, Media and Music, I saw a girl in front of me with a course reader. I asked her where did she get it and she then circled the 17th building on the map that I gave her. Later I got a letter in my Uni email and it read something like 'Get your course readers at the Silverstone Building, floor 3, between 9 and 10 am'. But it was too late that day and they didn't sell the readers the next day. However, I still had to go to the Silverstone Building, since some meeting took place there. So I came to the campus that day, knowing only the title of the building I should go to, but not where it is.

Of course, I connected the dots. The 17th building must be it! But wait, let's check the map. Where is that building... Ok, here's the map. Ok, here's the 17th. But wait... it's not Silverstone. It's EDB. Double you tee eff! Checked the number and the title like fifty seven times, but they didn't fit. I even asked a few people about it and they told me Silverstone didn't exist!

Gosh, was I panicking for a moment, but luckily I remembered one of our faculty staff saying something like 'You can find it in the EDB building...' - 'No, it's Silverstone now', someone corrected him. So, the 17th building MUST be it!

After this, I still needed five more minutes to recover and finally understand what's happened. Even now, I sometimes keep on checking the map, hoping that the number and the title finally fit.

The Quest for Uni Sweaters

If you checked the Students' Union website, you'd see that they have green, yellow and even pink Uni sweaters. But if you go to the shop on campus you'll only find the dull black and grey ones. Though the volunteers of the induction week have been wearing a much bigger variety of colours.

You can judge them now in your mind. Or no, don't be so fast to judge. It may be a secret quest set up by the USSU to find the rare sweaters!

The Legend of the Unknown Society

Back in the first day when I came to Brighton (23rd Sept, I suppose), I was told that there's a Thinkery Society in Sussex. It was said that the members of the society meet up in a bar somewhere and start philosophying. Wow! The Skull and Bones society at the Yale University in America do practically the same, only they drink prestigious wine in huge and luxurious library halls of ex-Presidents.

So, when the Freshers Fair time came, I went out wandering past all the desks with little cakes and candies - 'Please join our society, we're fun!' - and I looked for the Thinkery Society. I'll tell you what I found on my way - 20 socialist/anarchist societies, the same amount of fundraising societies, 10 travelling and hiking societies, 5 safe sex societies (with condoms instead of cakes on their desks) and millions of shouting sportsmen. I particularly enjoyed seeing the guy from the Philosophy Society with an evil grin. Could that be him, the founder of the Thinkery?

The members of the Thinkery are probably being prosecuted and chased by angry mobs, that's why they changed their name to the harmless Philosophy Society. But you can see from the evil grin of the guy at the desk, that the game's not over.

To sum up I'd like to point out that there's so much more to the University of Sussex than there is on the surface. So dive in and search for the pearls!

Suxess at Sussex 4



Firstly, I do not think that many of you live off campus, but I do. Long before I came to Brighton I knew I'd search for a flat with my g/f (who's also enroled at University of Sussex).

So we came to Brighton on 23rd September. For two days we've been roaming all the letting agencies and browsing 'gumtree'. One of the only flats we checked out was in East Moulsecoomb, 5 minutes away from Sussex and over 20 minutes away from the city. The flat was not a superb one but it had a bedroom, a lounge, a kitchen, a bathroom, a separate toilet, a TV license, a washing machine, a fridge, a microwave and was fully furnitured. Neither agencies nor 'gumtree' couldn't offer us anything, so we decided to take it.

We crashed a place of my g/f's friend's friend before we could move into our place. Each day we would spend a £3,60 on a CitySaver ticket to wander from friend's to Uni and from Uni to town.

The day we finally moved into our place, we decided to go buy a yearly student saver ticket. (It took me some time before I made my decision. £300 for a ticket! But that's less than a pound a day. But that's a calendar year! What if I'll go back home for summer? Oh, this is hard.) So we bought two £3,60 tickets in the morning and went from to Uni. I asked at the Union shop whether they sell those tickets and the cashier said no and started explaining me where to get them. I suppose she told me that I could get it at the Uni post office, but I didn't catch that. I only heard that we could get them in Old Steine, there's this shop called 1 Stop Travel where they sell those yearly tickets. So after Uni we went to town, to the 99p and Poundland, then to Old Steine. It was about 6pm, so the shop was closing, but they let us in. We barged in with fifty seven bags of products, all tired after an exhausting day...

So I walk up to the woman at the till and tell her what I want and she says: 'Ok, I'll need two photos of you'.


My g/f got the ticket that day, cuz she had some spare photos of her in her bag. I didn't. I only got my ticket the next day at the Uni post office. Fail.

8 things i've learned from 8 days in england



1. There are no insects in England. It's true; you won't find a screen on English windows, because after the Churffey-Rawlins Act of 1709, insects were formally abolished from the country in perpetuity. Many have tried to get past the vigorous English immigration laws, but they are inevitably discovered and deported to their country of origin.

All right, that's not true. The reason English windows don't have screens is because they are all protected by an invisible force field that keeps bugs out.


2. Buses can, in fact, run often enough to be useful. It's amazing what you can go and do when you have buses that run outside of bankers' hours-- and buses that actually go a variety of places! You would think that America, land of innovation, would have discovered this concept by now.


3. There are few things creepier than walking around the Brighton Pier and feeling that at any moment, you may find yourself in a re-enactment of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. If seagulls ever evolve opposable thumbs, this city is fucked.


4. If you cook well, you will eat like a king here. For someone who hails from the land of McDonald's and high-fructose corn syrup, finding supermarkets full of real, inexpensive food is like reaching some kind of gastronomical nirvana.


5. The restaurants, however, leave something to be desired. There seems to be some kind of insidious disease that infects restauranteurs in the UK-- even the foreign ones-- and works its way into their food to suck out all the flavour.  Perhaps someday scientists will discover the organism responsible, and then the good people of England will once again enjoy a meal out that tastes of something besides flour and vague vegetable matter.

On a related note, don't ever buy a sandwich from a newsagent's. Just don't.


6. No matter what you wear, it is wrong for the weather. In the shade, you will shiver. In the sun, you will sweat. If you bring a jacket, you will not need it. If you do not, the temperature will plummet just after you leave the house, and you will develop hypothermia. I recommend keeping clothes stashed in secret places all over the city so that no matter what, you will be dressed appropriately.


7. Some things are universal. Whether it's the untrustworthiness of lawyers and landlords or the tendency of young people to dress like fools, every culture has something in common. The English like to deride Americans for being fat, lazy, and loud, and Americans like to deride the English for being pasty, ugly, and ineffectual. What neither culture seems to realise is just how many unfortunate things they have in common.


8. No, seriously, it really doesn't rain that much. Shut up, America.

My Welcome Week




My Welcome Week

The Welcome weekend:

Saturday 26th October, 11am:

"So. This is the house where I will spend the next year of my life living in" I think looking up at the three floor brick building located next to a gaggle of dumpsters as I struggle to get my new keys in the lock.

It is quiet. The stairs are daunting and I waddle up them to the top floor, "Where is the lift??" I ponder; perhaps my expectations were too high.

The unpacking and organising commences, it is a tedious task to do especially when I am more interested in meeting my housemates. I dump everything in a state on the floor, (a foreboding prophecy of mess to come) and I take a walk around the campus. On my travels I pass the doctors surgery when I suddenly feel a sharp stabbing. On looking down I see a wasp attached to my inner arm (how did it get there??) holding on for dear life as if it were a man stranded at sea, and I a mere raft. It was bad news, I had been stung, the pain was unbelievable and I felt the fluid spread through my muscles. Being superstitious I couldn't help but think that this was a warning sign of things to come..what other "horrors" would I be faced with at my time here? Should I have gone to York University instead where certainly there would be a distinct lack of wasps?

Still Saturday 26th October, 3pm:

I return to a house brimming with activity, similar to a colony of ants carrying leaves on their backs. The ants I refer to are of course my housemates, (but with less legs), the moment of truth has arrived!

First impressions of everyone are very good, there are no real awkward moments, in fact already the supposed awkward quiet moments have a comfortable feeling to them. I know my housemates and I are going to get on like a house on fire (hopefully, not literally, although it is only a matter of time before someone burns the toast). We congregate on the middle floor landing as there is no common area, let alone a sofa or table and talk. And talk. Before we know it hunger sets in..and for a moment I feel I understand my ancestors as they searched the barren lands for food. There is many a learning experience to be had at university.

What I have learnt today: If after ten minutes, the water in the saucepan hasn't started to boil and the pasta is still as hard as it was in the packet, it's about the right time to turn the oven on.

Sunday 27th September:

Day two in the Big Brother house. It was strange waking up this morning and wondering if anyone else would be awake, and whether there would be a long queue for the sole shower. I decided to wait my turn, with the ulterior motive of having the others as guinea pigs testing the shower and figuring out how to get hot water. As it turned out, when it came my turn I had the warmest shower out of the lot of them.

A few housemates and I decided to go on an impromptu day trip to Brighton pier, where we ended up meeting two of our next door neighbours on the same bus (the 25-a bus which would later become known as a dear friend, an equal) and decide to spend the day with them. However this was not meant to be, after taking this amazing photo of my housemate and I, (note: how perfect does Amy look as the mermaid!?)

(Photo:Amy as a mermaid)

we turned around to discover our neighbours had vanished into thin air, a mystery which would remain for the next two days until we saw them next.

Alas, we continued with our exploration and spent a lot of time in a 99p store deciding on which cleaning products to buy and whether we could fit into children's Halloween costumes. A successful day all round.

Still Sunday 27th September, 10pm:

At university, there is lots of socialising to be done, especially at the East Slope bar, but as interesting as meeting new people every day, I am beginning to feel as if there is only a certain amount of times I can ask "What's your name?, What are you studying?, Where are you living?"

What I have learnt today: Never ask 'Where are you from?' followed by a guess at their country of origin. It is ever so slightly embarrassing when assuming someone from Ireland is Dutch. Maybe the lack of sleep is getting to me quicker than I thought..

Monday 28th September:

Although only two days in, life at Sussex university seems to be getting more natural by the minute. Today was special as we had a big traditional 'family' meal, complete with handmade mashed potatoes! (courtesy of David, our resident gourmet chef) This bonding lunch was followed by the decoration of our dining/living area (aka the hallway on the top floor) with bunting. It's amazing how a few multicoloured flags really brighten a place up.

(Photo:Food cooking)

We've all been attending the events that Sussex has to offer, as well as taking part in our inductions, so not only are we living the typical student life but also in our opinion making the most of what the university has to offer, even if it includes using the facilities, such as the children's playground in the dark of the night, or wandering around aimlessly in the library for a good fifteen minutes for a tiny book before realising it was on a different floor.

What I have learnt today: Cleaning is dangerous. When getting out the mop, watch out for hidden kitchen knives in the bucket. Bad times.

Tuesday 29th September:

I don't think I've ever laughed so much in a week. I can feel my stomach muscles getting tauter by the day. However I can also feel my voice being lost gradually, perhaps due to excessive talking and aforementioned laughter.

In the evening we experience a pub crawl organised by the students union, which was really good fun, we got to learn our way around Brighton and also meet a Japanese student called Mami, who would later become a close friend of our house.

With drinks flowing freely and the cold coastal winds becoming less noticeable, we headed for Coalition, a club on the sea front, which was full of fellow students and played really good music; it was almost a numinous feeling, the atmosphere was just full of happiness (not to be mistaken for drunkenness) and everyone around us seemed to be sharing in our enjoyment.

It was a good night for us all, but personally the highlight was riding the infamous Lemon Bus, although I was disappointed when it turned out the bus is not in fact shaped like a lemon.

What I have learnt today: Today it hit me that I can actually function without a television and spending countless hours aimlessly watching America's Next Top Model, however, my DVD collection of Scrubs is just perched on the bookshelf waiting to be watched..perhaps I'll save them for a rainy day.


Wednesday 30th September:

In the morning was the fresher's fair where there was opportunity to sign up to a great number of societies and clubs. I eventually settled for a few that I was really serious about, and whilst signing up for trampolining, a journalist from the Guardian (my favourite newspaper eeek!) took some quotations from me. I would like to say I made some eloquent points about the event but truthfully it felt as though I had two peas and a monkey playing cymbals in my mind, so I'll probably sound like a mumbling fool.

In the evening, Party on the Pier, one of the organised events was on, which led to a successful win of two plush toucans and an incredibly scary looking banana which were won on the coconut shy. All by the girls might I add.

The evening continued with a ritualistic trip to the beach with some fish and chips. All had gone swimmingly until we sat down upon the pebbles of Brighton beach and I complained about a bad smell nearby, "Is it seaweed?" I asked playing with the pebbles next to me, but no one else could smell it.

It was not until later on, I regret to inform you, that it was revealed that all along I had been 2cm away from the biggest mound of dog faeces ever witnessed on a public beach, and I had in fact tread on it with my delicate black shoes. Wonderful. The others of course found it hilarious, admittedly so did I, its moments like those where you understand how great university is in the sense that it can turn seemingly mature(ish) teenagers back into children giggling for a solid ten minutes over an unfortunate incident.

This immaturity continued when we returned to the house, with me, Amelia, Francesca and Melissa deciding to make the boys on the ground floor a treasure hunt including our two toucans and the banana as the treasure. Unfortunately we got a bit carried away and we were cackling so loud, we managed to wake up the whole house (sorry, once again! But it was so worth it.)

What I have learnt today: Never ever go on the Crazy Mouse ride on Brighton Pier again.

(Photo:Looking horrified on the crazy mouse) 

Unless I want to feel as though I am about to plunge into the sea/ fall 50 feet in the air. Instead, stick to the baby rides which produce wonderfully happy pictures like this:

(Photo:Chesca and I with our happy faces) 

(Photo:The prize toucans) Photo:Terrence and Tricia having a relaxing evening on the doomed beach.

Thursday 1st October:

It is hard to believe that every night that occurs is even better than the night before. It is apparent that the best times I've had at university so far have been the least extravagant, whether it includes playing a 90 minute game of cards, to sitting in the kitchen chatting deliriously from a lack of sleep. The strong family network we have created in our house has really helped to cement the foundations of our friendships (how cheesy!!) and lead to a happy place to come back to after a long day in the lecture theatres.

We were up early to get to the Freebies Fair, which turned out to be useful in terms of obtaining new pens and bus timetables but not so much in manoeuvring around the hall itself. I walked away with bags full of information and a couple of lollies too-result.

In the evening we went on a hike/walk up the hills around the campus, trekking through fields in the dark was bound to be a bit risky, but also very entertaining when there were two further casualties involving cow pat, which thankfully, did not involve me.

What I have learnt today: Sometimes when I'm walking around the campus, passing the hoards of other people, it feels as though I am adjusting still, a novice to university life and that everyone around me is a natural but then I remember that they are all in the same boat and probably finding university as surreal as I am.

Friday 2nd October:

We went on our first shopping trip today, David, Amelia, Amy and I trudged along to Sainsbury's. It was a true test of character walking down the crisps and sweets aisle whilst turning a blind eye; instead we settled for Sainsbury's basics...everything. One thing we have learnt from this experience is next time; we definitely need more than four people to carry the bags home.

Later on in the evening it was dangerous territory when I mentioned the premature idea of moving in together for our second year. The air grew stiff with anticipation as I tried to gauge their reactions and I was met with silence, before they broke out in 'Oh my God,  I was thinking that too!' My fate here at Sussex is sealed.

As I reflect over the past week and how quickly it has gone, it hits me that the rest of my three years here will most likely fly by, and that I should be grateful for everything as it happens, and not forget to stop, think and absorb my surroundings. To live at this university and allow it to help evolve me as a person from teenager into an adult...I couldn't be any happier at the prospect.

What I have learnt today: That none of the wasps in the world could deter me from staying at Sussex, and also its important to get peoples house numbers or surnames when adding them into my phone to prevent looking back and being faced with a mixture of names yet no real memory of who they are. It's been a pleasure.

Saturday 3rd October: Sleep.