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My Welcome Week - The Buildup!



I was sat in my gran's house (I'm staying with her before I move in at Sussex...the joy!), going through the millions of papers etc in my bag when a laminated bit of paper, no different from the others, caught my eye. It was entitled 'Sussex Blog Competition 2010.' I decided to take this as a sign from God, or some other cosmic energy and decided to go for it :) Of course, that kind of rationale often lands me in hot water -e.g. the time I blew all my money on a dress because the first one in the rack was my size (obviously it was fate and I was meant to have mum didn't see it in quite the same way) , but this decision won't cost me over £20 so it seems fairly safe.

I've been here in my gran's house for close to a week, after leaving my family in Dubai. The airport goodbye was really sad. My mum and dad hugged me to death and uninhibitedly cried in the middle of the airport. A bit cringe but I understood. My brother didn't seem bothered at all! He gave me a quick hug and said 'Yeah.Bye. See you at Christmas.' Oh wow, thanks...

I love my gran but can't wait to be with people you can converse with without shouting! We're roadtripping to Brighton tomorrow, spending a night in a Travelodge and then it's non-stop to Sussex! 

Absolutley can't wait to experience and blog about everything!

Fiskette Out

Why I Cannot Wait To Start Uni...



I'm about to leave my small market town with a population of 14 300ish. It's pretty but like most small towns can be so suffocating. My dad, lives close by in an actual hamlet. So when I stay with him I'm sandwiched between a meadow and a field of cows.

Hence, I cannot wait to start uni and live a stone throw from the city of Brighton (pop. 155 919) where the streets are buzzing with life. Where there are bars, pubs, clubs, gigs, the lanes packed with vintage shops and quirky cafes and where an almost bohemian vibe pulses from the city's heart.

I spent 8 months travelling last year, mostly in the amazing continant of South America. Their fun loving way of life and incredible cities had me mesmorised but uni will be an altogether completely different experience. The friends I make and people I meet will not simply be passing through, but people that I live with, study with and have time to get to know. In turn Brighton won't simply be a city stop off, but somewhere I will live and will become a part of.

Bring on Freshers and Bring on Brighton!!

My Welcome Week - Saturday



So I'm here... I had boxes up to my eyes on the journey up, thankfully only a short one! I thought I had a lot of stuff but it turns out everyone had just as much as me! It took several trips to get all the boxes and bit and pieces that I brought with me into my room, the lift was soo useful!

My parents stayed to help me unpack some of my things and gave me a 'student survival kit' full of food and other awesome treats - I love my family :D The room I have is actually bigger than the room I have at home aaand it has en-suite :D, I feel like I lucked out with this one :)

Earlier I attended the welcome talk over at Bramber house which was interesting, on the way out we passed the student union table so got talking to the really friendly people there and got taken on a tour of the campus in which i learned just where all the bars are in relation to my flat :D

At the moment there are 2 other people in my flat that have moved in, one was already here when I got here and another has literally just arrived, but I haven't seen either of them yet! I plan on introducing myself in a while when they've settled in a bit.

Later fun times will be had in the bars on campus but for now I'm off to finish unpacking! (Why did I bring soo much stuff?!) Seem like I'm off to a good start here at Sussex, here's hoping the rest of freshers week is just as good with all the awesome activities going on - i'll be at the big welcome party on sunday apparently it's going to be amazing :D

See ya!






Uni hasn't even started and I am already disappointed. Well, it is just because I didn't even get an interview for a position at the Sussex Student Union. I know I am not the only one who wasn't invited for the next round. As I read 387 other people sent applications. I was checking my e-mail every day ten times.

I know they can't send feedback because there were just way too many people, and as it is on the website they kept some applications which were almost good, but how do you know whether you are among those people? Surely you don't.

I don't know what I write or what I didn't write was not enough for the job. I wanted to work, I am not afraid of hard work, and most importantly I am reliable. Well, I am sure others are like that as well. They say you should not make those mistakes as listed in a document about it. I am not that stupid, still it is a good list. Maybe I didn't write enough about myself, I was too much to the point. I have no idea, I re-read many times what I sent.

I hope I can find something else to work, because I need the money, and I volunteered enough, I gained really a lot of experience, so now it would be nice to get a reward. Smile It doesn't work like that, wish it was.

Honestly at the moment I am not even looking forward to the Induction Day for Mature Students. It starts in less than 10 hours.
Maybe I am too old at 23 to work for the Union? I didn't even think about that. (They said especially 1st year students should apply.)

I know I will enjoy tomorrow a lot, I am interested in the people who'll be there and at least in the beginning everybody is still enthusiastic.
Even the teachers Wink - the hope that this year's new students will make more sense than last year's Smile (I have no idea about neither the teachers, nor the students.) So maybe I should not make fun of everybody before the whole thing starts. I have a weird sense of humour and the English think I am trying to insult them all the time. (Maybe sometimes they are right. Laughing)




I am very tired. Exhausted. Not because I have just moved to campus or anything like that.
I stayed up too late again and in the morning looking at the clock I saw that I will be late again
unless I hurry up, get dressed, brush teeth and drink coffee while checking e-mails, reading gossip
and tennis news, listening to youtube. Catch the bus but also not to forget to make my weekly ticket valid.

I was way on time for the beginning of the Mature program. On arrival my name was not in the list.
I was surprised because I even received confirmation about the event. My name was found with my name sticker later.
Because of me the queue became huge. Sorry, not my fault. Smile
Maybe it was a better idea that I wrote my name with nice big letters. Because the printed ones were so
small that you really had to go close to read what you had on it and what course you are in.
Well, for guys it must have been fun shamelessly staring at girls'/women's boobs to figure out the tiny letters Wink, but for me... Because I was tired I was particularly antisocial. I was looking at a girl,just because she was on her own as well..
 than finished reading the article in the magazine I had with me on the bus - I know.. inappropriate. I sat between mums,who had their kids with them.
I prefer kids to adults. That didn't help me socialising either. I was close to giving up the day.

And then I was talked to. Okay, I can answer questions, that is not too difficult. I just forgot to be interested myself.
I think my second coffee kicked in because I decided to start a conversation with lonely girl sitting next to me.
She was just too 'familiar'. So I said: have you managed to meet somebody who will study on the same course as you?
(Just thinking about myself that I have gone to two events so far, zero people from my course. Soon fate will catch me and I
can't hide from my mates any longer.)
  She just had to say one(!1!) word in English and I interrupted her in Hungarian right away, you are Hungarian, aren't you?

Without any doubt that she would think I am crazy or something, I was so sure. And I was right. So we sticked together sat in the first raw during the presentations which were informative and helpful, talked in Hungarian and that was it. The man who was sitting next to us was very friendly as well. One attention seeker woman was sitting right behind me laughing so hard at every single little joke which weren't even 'that' funny. Yell

I would like to set up a Hungarian Society anyway, and 3 people are needed to start one.

The lunch we got with all the drinks,canapes,fruits and cakes was really great. I have to eat well, I love food.
(I am Hunagrian, have I mentioned that before? Wink WE LOVE FOOD. The Society would be about cooking Hun food for people who are interested in the joy of Hun culinary art ;-))
And this was just gorgeous, really. Two thumbs up, if I had a third one that would be up as well. Laughing

The day went very fast. I talked a lot and we went through campus twice with Emese. Missed the Vice Chancellor's speech also twice, because by the time we got there (early, but never early enough) the place was already full. In the mean time we had a chat with a very helpful red-pully-can-help-i-am-from-student-union girl Carly, psycho student, and she was freezing, her lips very literally purple. We chatted a lot and then I realized that in this other part of campus behind Bramber House.. so busy oh students are moving in? Well, actually that shouldn't be so surprising.., many many cars and
worrying parents, sad parents, happy kids, sad students, busy helpers and I-know-it-all parents,
scared students with boxes, packs, lots of stuff, (half of it they will never use/wear/look at/touch), because a piece of home has to come with them. Fully understandable Laughing

This part of adventure is completely missing for me, but I know what it is like to move, I did less than 1,5 years ago from Budapest to here and then within Brighton & Hove 3 times. So I moved away from home for the first time right away to a different country, which is not even neighbouring.

I still have this cold I got more than a week ago.. in windy Falmer it got worse despite 3 layers of clothing and a scarf.., so I have to miss Sunday Funday Frown to get better and make friends with facial sauna again.

But from Monday on I will be back on campus, being antisocial as ever. Cool




I know, I know. Everybody is excited. Incredibly, very, extra-hyper-super excited. All the blogs about when will it start?It is going to be soooo much fun!

Only 2 weeks, 5 days, 6 hours to go. Will somebody else study the same as I do? Will we live in the same flat?

Most people don't even see these entries. And what is this impatience about? Soon you want to go home, because you get homesick.Wink

I am not being negative here, just find it very funny. Can't you believe either that we start soon?

And Fresher's Fair? The whole week of partying, wow!

I got to know a girl (unfortunately) she wanted to enjoy her first week so much, all the excitement and moving that she managed to party so hard that got completely sick by that actual start of the lessons and had a "sick leave" the first week right away. Great first impression, huh?

Poor mum felt so sorry for her little daughter. Laughing That bad univeristy's fault, they make you party..

I hope not to bump into too many of this species.

All the others, see you SOON!! Very soon, it is almost here! YEAH!

My Welcome Week - Sunday



Waking up in my room was the wierdest feeling ever, took me a while to remember where I was! Nothing to do with the alcohol comsumption last night I assure you ;)

I met soo many new people yesterday, that I'm never going to remember all their names! But I have a feeling i'm going to be spending a lot of time with the people of Flat 33 and 32 just downstairs from me, as I spent most of the evening with them, they were such fun and I learnt a new card game to boot, that'll definately be coming out at other gatherings!

Everyone here has made me feel so welcome, while it'll still take me a while to get used to the fact I'm living here... cooking my own food... doing my own laundry (not my favourite task ever!)  I already feel part of a massive family which is only going to get bigger once my final flatmates arrive! The ones I've met so far have been so friendly that I can't wait to meet the others :)

Later i'll be meeting even more new people at this big welcome weekend party in Falmer House, some I'll probably never meet again but it's nice knowing that maybe one day on campus, i'll see them and be like 'hey, I met you in freshers week, how you doing?. I saw a massive queue earlier that reached from Falmer House all the way to Library Square... I'm not entirely sure what it was for, but I aim to find out!

Adventure for today: I'm going to brave the cooker and make my first proper dinner and then see if I can work out how to use the shower!



Away from home again...



I won't forget watching my father drive away in our rental car after spending an unforgettable week with him in this country, England. And I won't forget walking back to my new room and looking out of the window into the night feeling so far away from home. I thought that feeling wouldn't come again because it wasn't the first time this has happened. But home just has a pull like nowhere else. 

I woke up to the sun shining through my window, anytime anywhere the sun can make me feel happy. I was ready for a new day. Little things throughout the day reminded me that this is England not home. The bacon I cooked for breakfast was thick not thin and crispy, I ate Shreddies for the first time and thought how good they tasted. Everywhere people had that English accent that you only hear expatriates use at home. And the cold...

I met a few people but mostly just did things on my own. Explored the campus trying to get a feel for this new place. I tell myself, "let's see how it goes as time passes by". 



Not Spanish



I missed Sunday Funday, but I managed to buy a calendar from WHSmith. The connection between SF and calendar is the university. Poor selection, but at least this one was winking at me with its nice colourful stripes. I love everything with stripes.
(I just honestly don't understand what is so difficult: easy criteria, small calendar, not teeny tiny where there is no space to write, and not incredibly heavy, because I will have books, exercise books, lunch, other stuff as well..)

I visited friends yesterday in Lewes. We played so much Guiter Hero(I also wasn't very thirsty at that point..) that I forgot to check the trains back. It was 11:20pm. Last train in 6 minutes. Obviously missing it. Taxi company ignoring the call, putting me on hold. No taxi. I had to sleep over. Frown

Sleepovers are supposed to be fun, this wasn't because next day, Monday, first day when you actually meet your mates.
No new clothes, no make up, no toothbrush with me, nothing. Obviously I wasn't prepared not to go home. Nothing to make a good impression. Not to mention, no ID with me to pick up my Student ID, no program sheet where to go and what to do. No time to go home in the morning. I still have a cold. I was trying to hide that I was miserable by being very cheerful. It worked.

I was taken by car to Uni. Tick. Found this time green-pully-nice-can-i-help girl. I was just following other people like a maniac, because somebody mentioned the word Geography. Place with fellow students there. Tick. Cool

I ate a lot for breakfast and I forgot that it was supposed to be a Geography Brunch. So when I saw the food on the table I wanted to get out, I just couldn't even look at it. Then I sat down to a table where there was a huge plate of cakes. And some people to talk to. I was ignoring the cake and when a lady asked us whether she could put it on another table I was very relieved.

I didn't talk to too many people. I already can see there will be an unofficial race between BA and BSc students. Who is better? Both can't be good. I am looking forward to the official welcome from the faculty members. I will try to make a better impression then. Kiss

I had to be somewhere in the afternoon, when I saw a nice snake(queue) at Sussex House, I knew that
even if I'd had my passport with me I wouldn't have had time to wait there. Tomorrow will be my lucky day I feel it. Smile

The joke of the day was this conversation during the Brunch:

- Hello. Where are you from?
- I am from Hungary.
- Oh. What language do they speak there? Spanish?
- ?!?! No. In Hungary people speak Hungarian.

(She was very surprised.)

Getting serious



I should be in the city with the other 1500 freshers crawling in pubs. Obviously I am not, I am typing in my room. Finally I seem to be healthy, no need to jeopardise it.

The threatening line in the invitation for the Departamental Welcome: "you must arrive promptly" made me put my alarm clock half an hour earlier. I hate being late, it is disrespectful anyway. I was a bit shocked looking at the traffic in the morning, so I quickly decided to go by train. I have a bus ticket, but next time I will be more clever. Just this once train.

At the station: The train was cancelled (train broke down close to Lewes). Yell Ooookay, so if the next one comes and leaves on time and gets there when it should then I'll have 10 minutes to find the place where I should be. Nothing exciting happened after that, I checked the map to be extra-super-sure where to go. Drama was over fast. I was there in time, as almost the last person to enter the room, empty seatonly in the first raw, (so what? - I heard and saw better), the problem was when the faculty members didn't come downstairs and started talking from the top of the lecture room, I didn't see, hear or understand anything. I will see them enough during the year, if not then maybe it is not that important to know everybody. It was funny when the Head of Department started quizzing us about climate already, when we haven't even had one lecture! We were sitting there like fish in a bowl. Embarassed

We went in groups to meet our tutors. I was in a group of 10. And we had to break the ice by talking to the person who sat next to us, asking basic things: name, where are you from, why Sussex (what you don't like at home), why this subject. I was the last one to go into the room, so I took the last chair available. I managed to sit next to a French girl, Alice, who is very nice. Our tutor talked us through the booklet and emphasized the importance of avoiding plagiarism at all costs, otherwise you are kicked out of Sussex and land in the sea (he sounded so serious and he obviously meant it that is how I visualised what he said). Laughing

We finished around 12 so I walked a bit around with Alice and I thought I was going to the right direction for my ID but I remembered a different place where I should be, so tomorrow new attempt to get my card, last day, no more chances. I had to work a bit in the afternoon to prepare things for the Fresher's Fair. I plan to attend some Enterprise events in the future, couldn't go to You're Hired! today. It is a coincidence that I am a fresher and organise a stall as well. Also at Brighton Uni. Can't wait, I already know what societies I want to join, but I am interested in everything the university can offer! Smile

Fresher's Fair Fun



Fresher's Fair was great, I enjoyed it a lot. There were many stalls with lots of societies
and I am planning to attend two or three taster sessions as well. I don't think I will manage more than that.
Today was very busy I had to take care of two stalls, one at the Racecourse for Brighton Uni, so
I started my day there, helped setting up there first. Then at Sussex. Smile

Finally I managed to get my ID card, the line was again very long.., it turned out that I was looking at the
wrong one and only one person was waiting. The long line was for those whose registration
wasn't full. It was quick and easy for me. Cool

Then back to the societies, signed up for a few, talked to many people, even a half-dried painting fell on my arm
because a student was very excited about the video games society, so he just didn't care that actually the
life drawing society's exhibition painting was in the way. He wanted to get there in time. Sure he was worried
that the stall would disappear the moment before he gets there. It didn't and my arm was covered in red paint. Yell

I had to go like that to confirm my language choice on a paper. There was a bit of a confusion there about it,
it wasn't obvious what they wanted especially because I didn't go to school in England. So I have no such thing
as a GSCE. I just have to wait till Friday to see whether I managed to get into the course I wanted to.

No evening program for me, I hope everybody had fun at the Barn dance event. I am so tired, I have to get to bed very soon. Tomorrow it is already Thursday, I am pretty sure I am not the only one who gets the impression that this week passes too quickly....

My Welcome Week - Monday



Monday morning didn't get off to a good start as I got woken up before 9am (very early for a student, especially one that was out until 2:30am!) by the doorbell to our flat ringing, I knew no-one was calling for me so I ignored it but the bell rang another 2 times in the space of 10 minutes and the bell rang again at around 9:30am so I gave up trying to sleep especially as now I was awake I couldn't ignore the trains outside my window and what I believe was a bin truck collecting the rubbish from the bin/recycling area just past my room!

In time I'll learn to ignore the trains and other things outside my window but for now its frustrating that I can't get enough sleep at the moment. Thank goodness its not the start of term and only freshers week :)

After I was awake and had breakfast I headed out onto campus to collect my ID card - I'm now and official Sussex Uni student! After waiting in the wrong queue for around 10 mins me and a few other were directed to the right queue and eventually recieved our IDs and I found out that student finance stuff was automatic from that point so I expect my loan in a couple of days, just in time to buy equipment for Chemistry lectures! 

Later on I went down to JMS lecture hall, which was a bit difficult to find as I'd worked out the way but it looked so different walking among the buildings so I was easily confused... although I tend to be easily confused anyway :P I met loads of other Chemistry geeks like myself and after brief introductions of names and the classic freshers week questions of 'Where are you living?' and 'Where do you come from?' we talked about brighton night life and the places we'd been that were good and not so good... trying to remember them all for future reference! We then all walked into the lecture hall, the chairs were comfier than I thought - I'd imagined them to be all wooden and uncomfortable and like the ones I had at school and college! All the lecturers seem friendly and so passionate about their subjects that they started to rub off on everyone in the room, by the end (although slightly scared at the plagarism etc. lecture!) I was really excited to be studying here :)

Then we all met our academic advisors, my academic advisor seems really cheerful and he took us on a tour of Arundel building where his office is and the building next to it that is attached to it via a corridor over the road below! After this we had a talk on the library and IT services, showing us all the cool stuff that they have on campus and the help thats available. I checked out the library bookshop with a girl from my academic advisor group and bought my chemistry textbooks - they weigh sooooo much!!!

I also found out later that a lemon gets a free ride on the awesome that is the lemon bus in brighton :D Mine now has a face :)

Lemony Goodness!

My Welcome Week - Tuesday



Tuesday morning was better, I'm getting used to sleeping in a strange bed and my room is starting to feel more like a home :) decorating definately helps if anyone hasn't attempted to yet!

Midday I had a Head of Life Sciences welcome talk, so I headed off with some trepidation as every other welcome talk ive been to at school and college has been kinda boring and mechanical but this talk was soo much more interesting and fun! The head of life sciences was just as passionate about his department as all the other lecturers I had met, he made so many bad but soo-bad-they're-hilarious jokes and after him followed a guy that had been part of the research team that discovered the C60 molecule (ball of carbon molecules for those that don't do science :P) and had been on bbc science programme 'rough science'! I even met some more chemists and some biochemists at the BBQ after, making my friends list even longer and I'm still struggling to remember everyones names!

The enthusiasm for everything anyone in this department talks about seems to be a key reason why Sussex is a really sought after university, the passion for everything and anything inspires everyone that passes through!

Looking forward to Wednesday, Freshers fair and Chemistry social :)

Already Thursday



Time passes quickly. The mature induction event seems to be ages ago..

I completely forgot about the Freebies Fair. Volleyball taster session was today and I
really wanted go. No induction, nothing like that, my timetable is ready now. We played
2 hours and I left with red arms, the best two hours of Fresher's Week so far. No need
to go into details that says it all. Smile

I just peeked into the Fair, but saw nothing interesting, so I decided to get my ticket
for the Pier Party. I was told it was sold out yesterday, maybe even before that. I really
wanted to go, well, should have thought about it earlier, my fault. I am pretty sure there
will be other parties organised by the Uni in the future. And then I will be more clever.

I was walking around campus a bit more then went home and cooked nice food(lecsó). From
what I could see so far, there are 3 other Hungarians on campus, we could start a society.
Maybe later in the year.

Quiet evening.

First Day



I wasn't nervous as I sat in car ram packed with my various possesions. I was excited to step into the unknown and for my new life to unfold. If ever a wave of panic did wash over me I firmly told myself to be smiley, friendly, open and to take everything as an adventure.

My friend from school met me in the carpark and helped me carry stuff to my room. One of my flatmates and two opposite neighbours were in, so after introductions (fully aware that making as many friends as possible is imperetive to a great uni experience) I went straight out for a bbq with them, waved off my parents and closed the door on my room filled with unpacked boxes and plastic bags.

I spent the afternoon at the neighbours playing twister and meeting new people as they arrived. When evening came around me and my flatmates cooked the classic student meal of pasta and sat around the table together like we were already family. We were pretty impressed when one guy whipped out a checked table cloth- it's all about the homely touches. After pre-drinks we headed to Falmer bar and at 3.30am I decided it was time to unpack.




In a happy drunken state (most probably) I'd agreed to go running with my opposite neighbour. At 7.30 on Monday morning when my alarmed sounded, my own damning words echoed around my sore head, 'I love running!' I'd enthused the night before,'I'll definitely join you on your morning run. I'll set my alarm now so that I don't forget.'

Groaning, I turned off the alarm and pulled on my trackies and trainers. My text alert went off, 'Hey time to get up!!!!' my new running buddy's message said. I met my two neighbours at the door and off we went. It was surprisingly invigorating and even possibly the best way to knock a hangover on the head. Afterwards we ate breakfast together which consisted of the strange but don't knock til you've tried it, combination of creamy hot chocolate with omelette on toast.

At ten I had my introductory languages lecture to outline the course. I found it extremely difficult to keep my eyes open but did my best to take everything in and look outwardly enthusiastic. Later, I met a friend for the library and IT talk before heading back to hers with a few others for much needed big mugs of strong coffee.

In the evening, though everyone felt like a chilled night, we decided it was high time to go out in Brighton. The plan was Fish and Chips on Brighton Pier followed by a beer or two in a cosy pub. It was a great evening but was not a chilled out one in the end, as after the beer, we went to another bar for cocktails, followed by Lola Lo where we danced into the early hours.

Sunday Funday



At only 10.30am I was surprised to be one of the last of my flatmates awake. I'd been looking forward to Sunday Funday as me and my friend had promised each other we sign up for some activities together. Pilates at 12, not my thing if I'm honest (though it was very relaxing). Boxercise in the afternoon, on the other hand, was 100% for me- hard work but really fun.

I went back to my flat feeling pretty good from all this exercise and suggested that we cook another meal as a flat. This meal was also delicious if not a little  more unusual than Saturdays, as my friend cooked us a noodle omelette (weirdly, I would actually recommend it). We invited some people over for Ring Of Fire -the best drinking game ever- before making our way to the neighbours flat who ended up having an insanely enjoyable gathering full some of very fun people that I'm so glad I met.

My Welcome Week - Wednesday



I woke up excited that today was the Freshers Fair, where I could go and sign up to all sorts of awesome societies, so I headed over to the campus on the massive trek from Stanmer Court to meet up with some new and some old friends from Sussex that were also heading up to the Freshers fair! Unfortunately as the weather wasn't brilliant, most stalls were inside so it got a bit hot and cramped, making it difficult to see some of the stalls in any great detail but on my way round the stalls I did manage to find the space to join up to several societies including the Chemistry Society - C60 (anyone noted the theme of the Chemistry department yet? :P) and PoleSoc - a pole dancing society, which sounds like awesome fun! As well some other slightly less formal ones such as Humans Vs. Zombies (running around firing foam darts at people :D), Assassins Guild (imaginative assasination of other members with random objects) and the VideoGame Society (I just wanna try and up my Guitar Hero skills :D) Now I have plenty of taster sessions to attend to see whether I really want to/ have the time to fully join them :)

My first taster session is this Friday but I'm most looking forward to the PoleSoc one on Monday (after a 4hr lab... I hope I have enough energy!)

After the excitement of Freshers fair I headed over to the Pavilion Bar in the Falmer Sports Complex... I say walk - I mean an uphill trek, the views were worth it though :) as was the quiz! We had teams named after elements in the periodic table made up of our academic advisor groups and electronic means of voting for the right answer - much more eco friendly than paper :) My general knowledge is not brilliant but I helped to answer a few questions correctly but we still came second to last! I'm sure we'll win next time tho ;)

After we'd finished failing at the quiz I went back to my room for a bit and dropped off my stuff, then I headed out to house party of a  few people I knew and had an awesome evening of pizza and booze :D

Thursday is the Freebie fair, looking forward to that too... I've heard there's free actual pizza!

My Welcome Week - Thursday



I had to literally drag myself out of bed thursday morning from the late night on wednesday as a friend wanted to come over and pick up some stuff he'd left here, then I went to the freebie fair in the lovely sunshine and got a free refill pad without even getting onto campus! :D From then on the freebies kept on coming - there was cake, sweets, badges, discount cards, key rings, pens, vouchers, calendars, books, and other goodie bags all full of information about companies in brighton! And of course there was the fabled free pizza.. the fact that it was free made it taste even better!

After I was all freebied out (well i'd been round all the stalls :P) I went downstairs to Falmer bar and met up with some friends - there happened to be a second group of people I knew too so I hung out with the first group until it was almost time for my lab safety lecture and then went with the second group to the talk which was all bout common sense within the lab but was made entertaining so wasn't that bad :) then we were shown to the labs and where we found out where our equipment lockers were full of interesting stuff I'd never seen before and some that was all too familiar :P After checking it was all there we went along to the lab next door to get our lab coats, lab book, goggles and a model kit (which i spent some of the afternoon playing with :P) my lab coat is the smallest size there is but its still too big for me - it reaches below my knees!! After me and some friends had finished collecting/sorting all our stuff we headed back to falmer bar but to the deli this time where we all bought something for lunch and enjoyed immensely - I had an egg and bacon baguette which was delicious, soo going  back there again :D

Thankfully I haven't come down with the dreaded freshers flu yet (fingers crossed!)... although im presuming its only a matter of time :( as i know some people that have got it that ive seen recently!

Friday is the campus village fete but other than that I have nothing else to do! It'll be time to do some chores i think...



My Welcome Week - Friday



Today I decided I was going to dedicate the day to chores and chilling out in my flat, looking out of the window when I got up I was glad I did, now it's nearly 6pm and it hasn't stopped raining all day, not to mention the high winds... I gave the Campus Village fete a miss as I didn't fancy walking all the way over to Falmer house in this weather!

So far today I've managed to hoover my room, clean my bathroom and sort out all the chemistry info I've got over the past week and all the leaflets from freshers fair and freebie fair, I even managed to sew up a hole in a pyjama top I noticed :) I'm strangely proud of it :D I had planned on doing some laundry but I didn't fancy getting completely soaked walking to block A! It's the weekend tomorrow so I'm sure i'll have plenty of time to do it, that is if I don't put it off even longer!

The first weekend here seemed to last forever, even with the internet and facebook at my disposable ;) but now I have settled in, made friends and its starting to seem more real what with all the books and equipment i've had to get! This week has gone so fast, I can't believe next monday is the start of term!

This blog post may seem like many facebook status' that you see, pointless and full of information that no-one really wanted to read about ;) but I couldn't just blog about the exciting things and leave all the little boring things that have to happen in order to survive - Laundry is another first for most students after all :P

So it's been an awesome week, one of the best weeks that I can remember and I don't want it to end but i'm excited to be starting studying Chemistry here at Sussex, so I can't wait for Monday either - though I'm sure I won't be saying that at 9am in morning! I already have nights out planned for next week, welcome to the life of a university student! (I'm pretty sure Brighton is the best place to be for a university :), the night life and the peace and quiet of the nearby countryside! Whats not to love?)

Here's hoping everyone has an awesome year here at Sussex and enjoys all that the uni and it's proximity to Brighton has to offer :D




Call me crazy, but I got up for another run at 8am... after only 2hours sleep. I felt too guilty to cancel on my new running buddy, especially as I'd cancelled the day before. After that I met my friend for a well deserved coffee before the freshers fair. I signed up for pretty much everything from the mexican society, the craft society to pole dancing and poker. Basically, i got way over enthusiastic.

At 5ish it was the anthropology reception where much cava was drunk and nibbles were nibbled. It was great to mingle with other people from the course and then a group of us decided a night off was due so had a girlie night with pizza and chocolate!

Making the Uni clean and welcoming (= rain, rain,rain....)



I am in pain. I was in pain the whole day. This is happy pain. Because I worked hard
to get it. Next time I will warmp ud and down even longer. I went to Falmer House
to sign up for the sport clubs and paid £50 for it. So now I have it on my student ID,
that I am a proud member. Smile

The weather was(is) so incredibly bad, amazing. The rain was falling
 from the ground towards the sky as well. Wind made it even enjoyable as the water sneaked into
my coat behind my scarf. I was soaking wet.. and the trip home on bus 25 and 7.. I knew I hated
the bus company, but now I hate it even more. That is one thing that the buses hardly ever
come on time or when it says on the timetable, but stating that it goes every 7 minutes, when it
simply just does not.. Everybody who has not seen yet will see buses 7 go "in pairs".
When the weather is as bad as yesterday it is even worse, when it is sunny and I am not in a hurry
I don't mind waiting longer.

I wanted to take a picture with the welcome board at Uni. Very cheesy, but to show my mum it would
have been nice. I had no camera :) Maybe tomorrow. I wish for nice weather, please.
I am considering not going to the other taster sessions, because if I lived on campus I would be
close, but it takes me longer getting there. In this weather.. rain, rain go away.. Frown

I also made a badge. You had to pay £1 which goes to charity. Verz good idea Student Union. Wink

Mine says I speak English, Dutch, Magyar(=Hungarian) and Esperanto. I hope that if I wear it often enough I will bump into nice people.

I went to several shops to get my exercise books. I never found nice ones. All overdecorated,
overpriced and stripy. I don't like taking notes on stripy pages. I want either blank or with
small squares. In the end I bought stripy ones, not refill notepads because I know myself,
I would just loose the pages after the lesson. That wouldn't be helpful at all. Laughing

As I was sitting outside under the arches a boy sat next to me, turned out he was from Brighton Uni
to promote the party that was that night. We talked about why I don't want to meet that many new people.
(For me it would be enough to have one or two good friends from my course and that is it, I am not
into this meet-as-many-people-as-you-can superficial way of thinking.

Tijana got her visa! Although I haven't taken part in too many activities, but I went to something every
day of the week(would have liked to go to the Pier Party but thought about it too late and tickets were
sold out, my fault..)  Frown So I absolutely can't imagine how more difficult it will be for her and those who
come later to get ready for Uni in one day or less. Good luck! Wink

Very soon we actually have to start studying.

My Welcome Week 2010- feel as a part of US




A Brief Story


On the way of Brighton, I was staring out of a window when the train passed through appealing views of nature. Then, I saw a place where some houses located on a rocky hill which made me to think of my future destinations. I adore what was seen from the window. I had strange feeling if I live in this place, I might be happy. Two mins later, the train stopped at the station and I read this sentence: "Welcome to Brighton". Wink


After unpacking and cleaning, no practical explanation for cleaning a clean place, which for I spent a whole day, I was ready for running like a headless chicken all around the campus for following days.

Highlights of my welcome week:

Gulls walking in the campus Surprised, interesting but friendly.

Pinky welcome at Vice Chancellor's Reception: "Brighton is about sunset and sunset means pink"... It was challenging moments for a person who was in pink tights. Tongue out

Sunny weather conditions and adorable green places.

My courage for joining to the Brightonian Nights by myself which started with mingling and ended by soberness and feeling older among 19's.

A night view at Pier and  a suprising chat in Turkish with a Korean waffle maker.

First rain shower on the way of PostGrad night at Falmer Bar and back home.

Love for Student Union and ISAO.

Great time at Freebies Fair: Getting know any opportunities at the city, having pleasure of being student, I also met a lovely lady who works in my major and has a Turkish friend at same business in London.  

Meeting people and making new friends. 

Library: A sacred temple which opens 24 hours. 

Already booked for yoga and nia and looking forward to involved in taster sessions of other sports which I have ever done in my life. 

Second heavy rain shower which seemed never would stop on the day of school meetings.

First archery class which was amazing with accompanying of friendly and funny training staff.

"Beerism" in UK: I have never seen this large collection at any place in Europe and I am grateful :)

At the end of the week, I managed to settle down, figure out how I may survive and enjoy being here.

Finally I feel a part of US and will be for an amazing year. 


Last Day of Freshers...



I crawled out of bed and chilled in my pjs listening to Bob Marley for while before making it out in time for the student newspaper meeting at 4. It was really interesting and hopefully will encourage me to do alot more writing. It was a sopping day so when I trudged on past my friends flat I decided to drop in. A few girls from our course where round too so we decided to snuggle up and stick on a film.

It was hard to leave the cosy flat when the credits rolled down the screen but I knew I had to meet my flatmates before the seafront festival. We went for pre-drinks at another friends where I got to meet a whole new crowd of people and then once everyone was nice and merry we bundled on the lemon bus. We went into Coalition to see Nero which was amazing though I felt pretty bruised and battered by the end of the set . I've never really heard much Dub-step before but am so glad my flatmates introduced me to it. We then caught the tinest bit of Nick Grimshaw in Life before heading to Digital where we stayed till it closed and were too knackered to head off anywhere else.

Feeling pretty delirious from lack of non-alcoholic beverages, the heat and dancing, an intense wave of happiness washed over me. It took me just two days to feel at home and settled in the University of Sussex. My flatmates and neighbours are amazing, the people from my course are also really cool. Already I feel close to lots of other students and that I've  become part of a large, fun loving family.




Had my first lie-in and felt so much better for it! After breakfast and coffee, my friend and I dragged ourselves to the Freebies Fair where I managed to nab some posters to brighten up my room as well as a flower garland and lots of cake and chocolate. I'm alwaysin a great mood when free stuff is involved so headed to the open languages talk in a very positive frame of mind indeed.

I spent some time putting up my new posters and photos from home and then met my neighbour for the languages reception. I was impressed with the spread, not crisps and bread sticks this time, but salmon blinis, tuna puffs, scampi and samosas with lots of wine to wash it down. I enjoyed socialising with all the languages students as I hadn't previously met many (in fact I'd met only one).

That evening a group of us went to the pier party where my friend won me a keyring from a 2p slot machine (Yea- made my night!!)  followed by Revenge where we were greeted by a 'bad angel' who gave us all a free shot. I was loving the Beyonce, Brittany and Lady Gaga classics- perhaps the most FUN club I've been to.

Goodbye Fresher's Week, welcome everything else



It is Sunday, well Monday, but I am not asleep yet. Today I went to another taster session -
volleyball of course. First time we were 10, now we were around 30 I think. That is a lot more.
It was so weird. We couldn't play that much as last time. Even after an house I asked myself:

was this girl here in the beginning as well? Last time nobody spoke German, now I heard it more than English. Laughing

Still, it was very good, I enjoyed it a lot, despite the fact that I played like a sleepwalker. Almost like I have never played the game before. It just wasn't my day, I play a lotbetter usually. Next time!

Should I reflect on the week? It wasn't much fun for me in the classical meaning. Interesting: yes, alcohol: not really,
new people: not that many, sport: yes!, books for studying: none, notepads: yes, going to Uni bars: no, Sussex t-shirt
or hoodie: no (don't like the design, last year's was better), haircut: no..

I will try to make a very good impression tomorrow, so I washed my hair. That is all the effort
I make on the superficial side. I should try not to be late and pack things before going to bed.
I already know that is not going to happen.

Tijana is here and safe, welcome! Smile

Tomorrow is coming and going fast, so many things to do! I feel very welcome, thank you Sussex for this week so far! Wink

I wish the best to all the Freshers! See you on campus! Cool