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My Welcome Weekend



The Day begins.

An anxious sun slowly rises over the crest of the stunning, panoramic South Downs to illuminate what has become known as one of the best campus-based universities in the UK, if not the world. If only I was able to appreciate such a sight. Instead I am lying in my bed on East Slope, only barely conscious, listening to the shrieks of the seagulls stupidly standing outside my window. MINE. Why mine? Why, in all the campus, did they choose MY WINDOW to stand next to, in order that they could bawl all morning, cutting what was a perfect drunken sleep in half?

But I'm not one to promote hatred of seagulls. I'm sure there's a society for that next to Falmer house somewhere. Simply because there is nothing else to do, I go through the morning motions which are becoming all too regular. Get up, rub throbbing head for a while, grab towel and toothbrush. Shower (A precarious experience at best due to the fact that it's always either too hot or too cold - never a happy medium...). Teeth. Get dressed. Bowl of Shreddies. Fun? No. But never fear. The fun is coming. Here it comes - finding something else to do around campus. I step out of the door. The lock clicks behind me beautifully, erasing the need to lock it myself.

Walking around the campus will give you a taste of how lucky you are to be here. It's just brilliant. Union members are always up for a chat (as is everyone else), the buildings are nice looking and practical, and there are several brilliant bars around the place. East Slope Bar, Falmer Bar, the Cube for a bit of Campus clubbing at night-time. I head over to Park Village. Mates are all there. The day is full of walking around with them, induction stuff at the Department of Economics (Who knew they'd have booze there? Well, they do.), games of Hearts (if you don't know how to play, you're missing out), and stolen food.

Stolen may be the wrong word. They offer some rice/curry/noodles, and I say yes and wash up afterwards. Is that stealing? Really? Oh, OK, it is then.

No, this is all digression. What we all look forward to here is the nightlife (you know it as well as I do). For a glorious week, and a small amount of money, we are treated to some incredible parties/clubs. I myself am recovering from the party on Brighton Pier, a great event in my opinion. Grab some friends. Grab the bus. Grab a good time along with your pint of Strongbow and your ticket. Brilliant. Just make sure you get your free rollercoaster ride before it's time to go.

I think that's my overall message here. No, not about the rollercoaster... If you take one thing away from this Blog post, take this: enjoy yourself... I am. We've been given such a huge opportunity to broaden our horizons whilst having a great time. I don't know about you, but I'm grabbing it.

After a night full of drinking, laughing and a general good time (and quick public transport as well), I find a way home to East Slope and crawl into my bed. The day's gone by so quickly, but the same will happen tomorrow. I'm happy here.

The Day ends.