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I dedicated this morning to getting things done- going to IT services to sort out Internet, collect student ID ect before our 12 o'clock kitchen meeting. I then met my new anthropology buddies before our lecture. I really enjoyed the lecture and found the lecturers all seemed so down to earth, fun loving and interesting.

 The thing I love about anthropologists is how well travelled they are and the cool stories they share about they encounters they've had. When it was time to ask questions, instead of shying away and remaining still (often happens when the person at the front asks-any questions???) most of the students raised their arms. When asked 'why did you choose anthropology?' again, loads of people raised their hands, excited to share and spoke passionately about their background and experiences which lead them  to choose this subject. One of the lecturers told us, 'anthropologists are not shy people. They are outgoing and its their job to be nosey.' Very true! Me and my friends left the lecture feeling really excited to order our books and start the course (I know it's geeky).

Before Brightonian Nights commenced, I took my beloved George Foreman grilling machine to the neighbours for a toastie making session. The pub crawl was good as there were so many of us all together which gave everyone a chance to meet other students who weren't necessarily on their course or in their halls.