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Small changes hopefully making a big difference



It was really good to see the many resources offered by the Sports Centre last Friday.  I particularly liked the rowing machines and exercise bikes and would definitely use these as they lend themselves to bursts of activity which are short but physically effective and so are not too difficult to work in to your day. To that end, I will try to make going to the gym a regular part of my week, and so far, so good - I will be power-hooping tomorrow!

The ‘Eat Well, Feel Better’ nutrition talk was also good.   It reminded me of nutrients I was missing out on but could so easily be added to my diet e.g. omega 3 fats, which are not only found in oily fish but can be taken in supplements or by eating eggs or yoghurts to which these fats have been added.  Also, just a handful of almonds provides fibre and numerous minerals.

I just hope I can keep to my good intentions.   If I do, I will be healthier and sportier, although I am already starting to feel sportier as I now say things like, “I’m just going to get my gym kit on” rather than "I’m just going down to Eat Central for a coffee and a sticky bun".  So much better.

Handball, Nutrition and Zumba!



This week I have managed to keep going with trying out new activities, which was one of my aims.  The week started with a few of us from our department going to the nutrition talk, to learn how to compliment our exercise with good food. Next was a handball taster session,which was lots of fun and I'd definitely play again. The week ended with a Zumba session, which was great, especially as we went as a group, although I'm not sure I was quite keeping up, but that didn't matter! The weekend has involved some walking and cycling, so that's good. Racketball tomorrow.