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The Election



So, I thought I'd best write about being here for the election, as obviously it was very exciting being in the country for one of its most historic events. Clearly I was rooting for Obama; I got asked if I was, and answered that pretty much most of the UK was--I didn't know anyone from Britain that wasn't, anyway; even the Conservative people seemed to be! Generally also, I'm a very liberal person. Even though I knew Obama was ahead in the polls, I was skeptical though; you just never know. But I was so, so happy when the results were announced. Watching the speech I even got quite tearful--it was just so amazing. I wished I'd been able to vote, but was very happy Washington voted Democrat!

I'm so angry with the skeptical people, though. Some say Obama won't bring about the change he said he would; and it's true, maybe he won't. Yes, he's not as liberal as he perhaps makes out, but he's still pretty much the best thing that could have happened to America at this point in time, in my opinion...because realistically, America at this point in time is never going to elect someone too left-wing; sad, but true. And honestly, the atmosphere after the election over here was so positive, it's almost indescribable. Change isn't just about the leader--it's about the people. And by electing Obama, I think it shows the American people are ready for change. Seriously, I think we forget the past too easily, but to put it in perspective, I've been reading a book of short stories by Richard Wright, called "Uncle Tom's Children" for one of my courses, which is about the South in the times of Jim Crow, and it's so insightful to see how terribly black people were treated only last century--even into the sixties and seventies, and of course even though things are better now, racism is still very prominent over here, particularly in the South, and I don't think many people that haven't lived here realise that. The election of a black President in a land where slavery and racism has been so common over the years is such a big step forward; in electing Obama alone, there has already been a change. America has proved it has come a long way, and it makes me so happy to see it. I was so proud to be in the country at such a time!

Now we'll have to wait and see what happens, but I really think only good things can happen from January 2009. Let's just hope there's not a repetition of JFK and's so ironic the two Presidents that could have made the most difference have been assassinated. Let's hope the same mistake isn't made again.

Yes, we can! And we did.