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Appear in our online prospectus!



Future students are keen to see what it’s really like to study at Sussex. And the best way for them to find out is to show them what current students get up to – and for that, we need help from you!

There are two ways for you to contribute:

  • you could submit a comment to be used as a quote
  • you could become a social media ambassador and tweet about your student experience.

Quotes and tweets will be shown in our online prospectus alongside course information.

Student quotes

We’ve put together an online form where you can answer questions about your time at Sussex and submit it directly to us.

Submit your comments to star in our online prospectus

Social media ambassadors

If you choose to tweet about your time at Sussex, your posts will be added to your course’s online page (for an example, check out this page and scroll to the section just after ‘Careers’).

You’ll need a course hashtag so we can find your tweets – contact to find out more.


Thank you!