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CTGF - my experiences so far - Carol from the IT Services team



Despite all my best intentions, my commit to Get Fit journey didn't really start until week 3. 

On that day, I put on my gym gear ready for our IT Services CTGF table tennis tournament, went to find my team mates .... and discovered that the tournament was happening the following week on the 20th.

Still, I was in my gym kit, so I thought I might as well go to the gym. 

And that got me started.

On Tuesday 14th, I went to the Goal Setting Session. My primary goal is to build some core strength and upper body strength. I cycle (commute to work) as my main form of exercise and that doesn't do anything at all for core strength. Also, I want to keep my bones healthy with some weight bearing exercise, so a second goal is to get back into running.

On Wednesday I plucked up my courage and went for Beginner's Running. No one else turned up, so it was just me and the running coach Cathy Drew. Cathy took me for a gentle run up to Stanmer House and back round to the Sports Centre. I would have stopped .... except Cathy seemed to think I could do it, so we just kept running. I felt it was an enormous privilege to have one to one training, so many thanks to Cathy for an inspiring session!

I felt a bit stiff on Thursday, but I went off to Circuits and really enjoyed that. It was fast paced, and great fun.

Friday I felt quite a lot stiffer, and on Saturday I was really hobbling around. I think it was over enthusiastic stretching! I had to cancel some activities though.

It's been interesting to see how many of the CTGF blog posts have been about stiffness and pain. Maybe it would be good to have a session on how to ramp up gently near the beginning of the CTGF month?

On Tuesday 21st, I went to a seminar with Terry on core strength, and followed that up with Core Training on Tuesday evening. This felt very good, and I'm keen to keep going with it. 

My next planned activities were for Thursday 23rd (yesterday) and today.

But I managed to cycle at speed into one of the new bus stop islands on the Lewes Road yesterday evening, and came off my bike onto my head. So I think I'll have to take a couple of days off again, and try to pick things up next week.

Overall, I'm getting a huge amount from this program, and am really pleased to be taking part.

Many thanks to the SussexSports team - and to our ITS team leader Steve.