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Hi John Lewis!



Hi there.

I was surprised today to find that John Lewis stocks toy trucks branded by Caterpillar.

I have taught children who have had their homes destroyed by Caterpillar vehicles. Caterpillar supplies vehicles to the Israeli Defence Force, who in turn use them to pursue a policy of destruction and intimidation in Palestine. I find it unsettling that while Caterpillar helps to ruin the lives of children in Palestine, John Lewis considers it a suitable brand for toys for children in the UK.

John Lewis has always come across as a more ethically aware company, so why does it choose to support Caterpillar, a company that directly profits from the demolition of civilian homes?

Yours faithfully,

Josh Jones.

Sussex students hold vigil for victims of gaza conflict



Gaza vivgil in solidarity with Palestinians, Univeristy of Sussex, Brighton


Sussex Uni student held a vigil today in respect for those killed in Israel's winter invasion of Gaza.

photo © Josh Jones

London Calling: Free Gaza demo January 2009



Photo © Alex Mannion-Jones.

London city centre hosted a diverse range of speakers demanding peace in Gaza, yesterday. Speakers from the Jews for Justice stood alongside the Muslim Council of Britain, Amnesty International spokeswomen Annie Lennox, and a score of other political, religious, and social groups. Read more...

Britons shows solidarity with Palestine: Tens of thousands make their voices heard



Photo © Josh Jones.

London hosted thousands of protesters today, demanding an end to the Israeli invasion of Gaza. Read more...

Palestine Photos



Pride_by_Josh Jones

For the first time, an online gallery of my photojournalism from Palestine is available. The series considers human rights issues for Bedouin, farmers, and other locals living in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

The photos, and their accompianing stories, have been exhibited in Brighton and at Sussex Uni, and some have been featured in the news website Palestine Monitor. However, this is the first time the images have been made fully available online. anyone can leave comments, without having to log in.

I invite you to visit the gallery, share it with your collegues, and leave your thoughts.

- Josh


Photo: 'Pride' by Josh Jones