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The all consuming lust for blog



Well, as i just said, why write a blog unless you have something useful, to someone, somewhere, to say.


With that in mind, i'll be right back.




I know, I know. Everybody is excited. Incredibly, very, extra-hyper-super excited. All the blogs about when will it start?It is going to be soooo much fun!

Only 2 weeks, 5 days, 6 hours to go. Will somebody else study the same as I do? Will we live in the same flat?

Most people don't even see these entries. And what is this impatience about? Soon you want to go home, because you get homesick.Wink

I am not being negative here, just find it very funny. Can't you believe either that we start soon?

And Fresher's Fair? The whole week of partying, wow!

I got to know a girl (unfortunately) she wanted to enjoy her first week so much, all the excitement and moving that she managed to party so hard that got completely sick by that actual start of the lessons and had a "sick leave" the first week right away. Great first impression, huh?

Poor mum felt so sorry for her little daughter. Laughing That bad univeristy's fault, they make you party..

I hope not to bump into too many of this species.

All the others, see you SOON!! Very soon, it is almost here! YEAH!