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Arts A pond



University has many opportunities for the photographer, some prefer to focus (literally) on the wildlife and others on the architecture and the changing ambience of the campus as the year progresses. Photography as an art is of course, creative in many different senses. With the advent of digital cameras and its frequent partner Adobe Photoshop, enthusiasts can change images in a multitude of ways. I prefer to keep Photoshop to a minimum and do not have the full program. On the whole I keep any tweaking to simple techniques that preceded Photoshop and were the norm in the darkrooms of old, such as cropping or 'burning in' i.e adjusting the contrast for shadows or highlights. In this blog, my intention is to post a few photos along with thoughts on some of the technical aspects.

The campus often looks at its best in the early evening. This photo was taken at dusk in the winter using a Canon S70 camera, not a DSLR. However, the S70 does allow bracketed exposures and so it was possible to use three different exposures to get the colour and detail into both the very dark parts of the scene and the lighter parts of the sky and windows. The three exposures are merged together to produce the single image. This also partly accounts for the slight blurring which in itself is not unpleasant and the lack of any ripples in the water. The posterisation effect in the sky is not present in the printed version, it seems to be an effect which occurs with some computer monitors.

Arts A pond

Marine photography



Dancing on Blades - Rollerblading at night



Dancing on Blades - Josh Jones

Alone in London one night and I came across the most fantastic 'blading troupe. Took a good deal of photos; the very best are here.

I've just put up some new material, hence the SPLASH post. Enjoy them - and feel free to leave comments on the site. Josh x

Rage Against New Labour - demonstration photos!



Some great shots from the big protest at the Labour Party Conference on 27/09/09.

You may notice one of my photos on the front of the Badger this week - here's a taster from the same shoot! :D

'Jobs, Education, Peace' - the demands set by the protest. Photo

'Jobs, Education, Peace' - the demands set by the protest. Photo © Josh Jones 2009


In solidarity with Visteon, Vestas, and other workers' occupations this year. Photo

In solidarity with Visteon, Vestas, and other workers' occupations this year. Photo © Josh Jones 2009


Protestors charge across Brighton seafront. Photo

Protestors charge across Brighton seafront. Photo © Josh Jones 2009


and you can see more and read all about it on my website, Photography Without Borders - take a peek!


- Josh

Photos - 'Bring the Troops Home', Stop the War march in London



Hey! Just got back from today's anti-war demo in London. Got some photos up online...


Click on the image to see more :)

Stop the War march in London, 24/10/09 Photo


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I've been clicky.

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