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Stop the Cuts: 3 December 2009



An emergency meeting of University Senate took place on Thursday morning to discuss management's proposals for cuts, and students and staff turned out in large numbers to make their voices heard. Over 500 people made their way to Bramber House in a procession half a mile long, chanting, "No ifs, no buts, no education cuts!"

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Commit to Get Fit Team HR Photo gallery so far, so good.






Commit to Get Fit Team HR Morris Dancing in pictures




Rachael and Dizz


Jo and Joe




Graham teaching the session




Commit to Get Fit Team HR- The Final week



Since last Wednesday Dizz has been to Zumba twice Archery and Morris Dancing.  Today she is doing Egyptian dance.

Here are some photos of Claire and Dizz taking part in Archery which wasn’t as easy as Dizz thought.  Every time she let go of the arrow she closed her eyes in reflex!

Rachael, Dizz, Joseph and I joined Graham for Morris dancing on Friday.

Yesterday Rachael went to Zumba